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new game wiil not load


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18 hours ago, Sparky55107 said:

all i get when loading new game is the beta one help

Greetings Admiral!

Please explain your problem in details as the current description is too vague to understand what is wrong.

Do you mean you tried to launch the game from Launcher provided by Xsolla and you did not yet activated the Steam key? If so, please contact me on ink@navalaction.com from email address that was used to purchase the game

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I might be wrong if you are referring to xsolla and or steam? For steam I can inform you that if you loaded the beta version EA on steam and been playing it presently and in the past as EA steam beta version for example in my steam it still showed it to me as the beta version even though the game is as a released version so I had to go into my steam for this game and disable beta to none so my steam would then properly show UA-AoS in my steam library as the released version because why would I want to keep running beta when it is released so I did not know why it didn't auto switch over to released version. No big deal to me it was easy to turn beta to none and now I can run the released version. Great game DEVS thanks, I can't wait for your next game.

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