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To check game weight limits, I tried to build real ships (like Yamato etc) All way too heavy.

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I'm trying to build real ships but one thing makes them beyond impossible; how much things weigh.  The Yamato as an example, the 'game' Yamato is 90,000 tons when fitted to the 73,000 tons real world load out. The game hull limit was 80,000T hence unbuildable unless armour was reduced to half real world values. 

Can you please fix this as it's frustrating unable to build (and then tweak) the classics, especially WW2 Light and heavy cruisers. Perhaps a simple fix is to reduce the base weight of the empty hull when you start.

Please consider this....  Please..


If possible, another option I'd like to see is perhaps a "Fun Mode" in ship building where building limits are greatly relaxed.

Thanks for your time



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