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Also: If devs would grant us the boon of a multiplayer dlc anytime in the future, op guns would decrease the value of it significantly!

If you played against a player you would be more or less forced to use this op guns.

Thus different possibilities of fighting battles (e.g. distant sniping vs. close quarter brawling) would be much reduced.

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OK guys I think I know where you are coming from and it makes some sense to me. As for fire ships Panda again I will say I agree with you that they do cost money and crew and a slot but it's a trade off for what a person wants to accomplish and how they do it. The best I ever did was sink 8 valuable enemy ships with just two valuable fire ships. Yes, they cost me a lot and I lost 700 deep in enemy territory but the other 700 made it to my other ships in life boats. I did say they are very effective when well placed and sure it can be tough if enemy blasts it before it can strike so there's a chance the payload might not make it if when that happens. My main point was they are available so I was  saying what is available in this game I want it to stay in so each of us may decide do we need to use it or not use it. It, is whatever you want it to be. I don't want to take away anything from any person let them have the choice. As for changing guns to what they really should be historically that is fine but taking something away because you think it is OP, is wrong!

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