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Being able to see some recorded stats from ships in the campaign would be nice. This ship has so many battles fought, this number of hits scored, this many hits taken. I'm not sure what else you could add, kills are hard to identify a lot of them unless it's like a one on one type deal which was rare. 

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All ships launched in 1938....

This morning HMS Agamemnon (15inch mains, 14 inch mains, 13 inch secondaries and 5 inch secondaries) and the battlecruiser HMS Ocean (nine 16 inch mains and 5 inch 3 inch secondaries) engaged the Jerry battleship KGM Hessen (14 inch mains, 8 inch secondaries) and the battlecruiser Tannenberg (15 inch mains, 5 inch secondaries) at a starting range of 18 KM with the closest close range of 11.5 KM. Accuracy fire on Hessen with continued hits was attained at 35 minutes into the fight.

KGM Hessen was sunk after 45 minutes of engagement by combined gunfire while KGM Tannenberg escaped the range with 80 percent structure and 99 percent floatability.

Damage to HMS Agamemnon was 80 percent structure and 85 percent floatability while damage to HMS ocean was 70 percent structure and 75 percent floatability. My apologies to his majesty for the abuse of his most splendid battlecruiser but a good job was made by all hands. Hail Britannia!

Scratch one "Jerry can" for his Majesty King George. GSTK!

Captain HMS Agamemnon sends his compliments.

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October 24,1944

From: Commander, Task Force 58.2.4

To: Commander Task Force 58

Fwd: Commander US 7th Fleet Headquarters Pearl Harbor USTHWI

Fwd: CINCPACFLT Headquarters Pearl Harbor USTHWI

Subj: After action report, engagement of Japanese Southern Quarter Force, Japanese Mobile Fleet

Battleships USS West Virginia, USS Maine and USS Montana (Mains 18", 16". Secondaries 8" and 5") And Heavy Cruisers Boston, Bremerton and Portland (8"mains, 5" secondaries and four battery torpedo launchers) Engaged Japanese Southern Quarter force consisting of....

Battleships: Shigano and Kure (16"mains, 8" secondaries)

Heavy Cruisers: Koga and Akari (8" mains, 5 "secondaries and torpedo launchers)

Light Cruiser: Hirugame (5 inch mains, torpedo launchers)

Destroyers: Nahami, Chitose, Fukumake and Fukuoka (5 inch mains, torpedo tubes)


Initial engagement range 20.8 KM

Final closed combat range 6.4 KM


Battleships Shigano and Kure were dispatched first with Kure destroyed by four torpedoes fired by Bremerton

Heavy cruisers Koga and Akari were destroyed by gunfire and torpedo hits

Light cruiser Hirugame was sunk by massed gunfire

Destroyers were dispatched in turn by massed gunfire.

USS Maine took the brunt of punishment from the enemy battleships and was sadly lost by torpedoes which detonated her forward magazine.

USS West Virginia took two torpedoes and Montana took one torpedo. Portland took two torpedoes and retired from the battle.

Battle lasted 48 minutes. All enemy combatants sunk. Broom tied to main mast....clean sweep. Better luck next time Tojo.

Captain USS West Virginia sends.

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