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this will probably be the last scenario in this thread , so I will make it an epic one. (WARNING: this is a full fleet engagement, lots of ships, not suitable for lower-end PCs)

The Last Stand

It is 1945. The home islands are surrounded by a an American blockade that threatens to cut off all supplies to the islands. We desperately need to break the blockade if we are going to survive. We have mustered a small task force for you to command, consisting of our best ships. There is a slim possibility of success, so use every underhanded tactic you can to achieve victory. If the odds are against you, take out as many ships as you can before you go down. You will take command of a super battleship and its escorts, along with a battlecruiser and few more ships that you will rendezvous with before the decisive engagement. Spotter aircraft have reported that the US super battleship, USS Hyperion, has withdrawn from the blockade for resupply and repairs, and has been relieved by older ships. Now is the time to strike while their most powerful battleship is away. 


YOUR FORCES: Empire of Japan, 1940 tech

1X super battleship, Settsu

1X battlecruiser, (transmission garbled)

4X heavy cruiser, probably some cobbled together stopgaps

7X light cruiser, refitted fishing vessels with guns strapped on


ENEMY FORCES: United States, 1928 tech

8X battleship, unknown class

6X battlecruiser, unknown class

14X heavy cruiser, unknown class

20X destroyer, unknown class



  • you can consider your mission a success if you sink at least half of the enemy capital ships.
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Hi all, I love the concept of the game but there isn’t a whole lot to do yet — and this will at least be the case until we have a decent campaign.   Therefore I would like to try the fo

Okeydokey - I make a start: SECOND GREAT WAR - EPISODE 1 “Red Dawn”   Background: WW1 ends 1916 with a peace brokered by US President Woodrow Wilson which results in the Empires of Eu

For this to even work, we need the ability to edit all designs (friendly and enemy, and each ship type we add) and not just the ability to save our own designs. That needs to be clear for Nick and tea

Posted Images

This is actually a historical one, but since both sides were trying to preserve their forces early in the war and disengaged after suffering some damage, the battle was inconclusive.


Battle of Cape Sarych - November 1914

Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-61-15, Panzerkreuzer "SMS Goeben".jpg

After Battlecruiser SMS Goeben and light cruiser SMS Breslau escaped to Turkey during the summer 1914. They were thinly veiled as Ottoman ships, their flags were changed and German crews just adjusted their uniforms and conducted a raid on Russian Black Sea ports, thus Ottomans entered the war.

Russian Black Sea fleet of 5 pre-dreadnoughts retaliated by launching a raid on their own but were intercepted by Goeben and Breslau

German forces - (you)

1914 tech 

1 Battle Cruiser 

28 cm main gun armament

25.5 knots top speed

1 Light Cruiser 

10.5 cm main guns

2 50cm torpedo tubes

Russian forces

1904 tech

5 Pre-dreadnoughts

Krupp 1 armor

Speed should not exceed 16 knots

30.5 cm main gun armament

Victory Conditions:

Battle Cruiser must survive. Use your higher speed and advanced tech to cripple or destroy as many enemy pre-dreadnoughts as possible.  

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Posted (edited)

And was all going fine after a Flash fire blew fore  turrets up and it sank going flank speed, but on the other side, It managed to sink 2 pre-dreadnoughts, and my light cruiser managed to sink another while disabling(all engines and rudder, with critical flooding) a second pre-dread with a lucky long-range torpedo hit. Only one Pre-dreadnought was undamaged which sufficiently damaged my remaining Light Criser to escape. 

Got some cool screens though.


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for those of you who were wondering how I did for my scenarios, it is as follows:

Classified Cruiser- win with Navy Cross

Battlecruiser's Bane- win with iron cross

Search and Destroy- used dreadnought hull, win with order of double dragon

Counterstrike- win with SHBB hull

The Last Stand- inconclusive, enemy took 60 percent casualties including all but three capital ships, lost all light cruisers and one heavy cruiser, remaining ships very heavily damaged, AI should have finished me off if it wasn't so cowardly

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The New German Navy


Following World War I and the restrictions imposed on them when it comes to military size, Germany sets off to show the world that they have truly changed, with some secret--yet seemingly justified--motives. Their ulterior motives are the hopes of being able to slowly increase their military size, particularly their navy, as they are in a very weak state and the rest of the European nations are starting to get jittery with the threat of a world wide economic depression on the horizon. And seeing as how Germany took all the blame, they would likely be public enemy number one should another war break out due to an economic crisis.

Germany's good efforts paid off in the mid-1920s, however, with the German government and military leading the way with multiple humanitarian efforts and other "good deeds" and as such, they were allowed to slightly increase their military size across all branches. The battleship restriction was lifted from their navy, but with a small caveat: the three battleships they are now allowed must be built by or purchased from one of the nations that comprised the allies during World War I.

This raises a bit of an issue as many nations, especially France and Great Britain, don't have anything to sell the Kriegsmarine and they don't really want to build them anything either. With no other option, Germany turns to the United States for any kind of assistance. The US responds with an unexpected, but welcome offer: if Germany will pay for 75% of the construction of three battleships, the US will cover the remaining 25% with the condition that these three ships follow the design of the "Standard Type" battleships of the US Navy. Germany agrees and at the end of 1928, the Kriegsmarine has 3 shiny new battleships courtesy of the United States and decides to conduct some wargames with Great Britain to test the capabilities of their new battleships.

Design Conditions:

Nation: Germany

Tech Level: 1928

Number of Ships: 3 battleships (your design) and 2 Heavy Cruisers

Must be built on a Dreadnought I, II, III or IV Hull (Regular or Modernized if available)

Maximum speed: 24 knots

Maximum Gun Size: 14 inches for primary, 5 inches for secondary (no quad-barreled guns)

Torpedoes: Your choice, but must be underwater torpedo tubes (limit of two, standard propulsion, maximum size is 21")

Radar/Rangefinder: If Radar I is equipped, only a Coincidence Rangefinder may be used

Oil Fuel, Geared Steam Turbines I, TNT or Cordite I/II for propellant, Enhanced or Standard Reload, Adv. Hydraulic or Electrical Turret Rotation

All or Nothing Armor Scheme

Max Belt Armor: 13"     Max Deck Armor: 6"

All other design choices are up to you

Enemy Fleet

Great Britain, 3 battleships and 3 heavy cruisers

1926 tech

Battle Info

Starting range: 20000m

Victory Conditions: sink all British battleships while keeping your three battleships afloat.

Bonus: If you can sink ALL the British ships while keeping all three of your battleships above 50% structural integrity thus proving the industrial and military might of the US, the US might "forget" about some of Germany's payments

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Ok so these scenarios are more of a challenge than a realistic scenario. I played all three and all of them give a different kind of challenge.

On all scenarios you will be playing against the british or the japanese (your choice). Starting range on all scenarios is 12km.

Scenario 1 "The glass cannon"

You are to build two battlecruisers. They can have no more than 6" of armour and max Krupp 1. Tech level 1935. Must use biggest guns available and atleast 12 barrels of main calibre. If using torpedoes, they must be long range. Operational range of medium or higher. Nation french or japanese

You will fight two battleships, one light cruiser, one heavy cruiser and five destroyers. Enemy tech level 1925.

You win if the enemy force is annihilated. Two points for victory, one point for very long range, one point for each enemy killed with a torpedo, one point for death by flash fire or ammo detonation (max one point per ship), two extra points for victory if only HE shells used, two extra points for victory if no secondary guns, negative 3 points for ship lost.


Scenario 2 "The sea turtle"

You are to build two battleships. Must use turtleback armour scheme, atleast 15" belt armour and 10" extended belt, Krupp 4, tech level 1935. Can have as many guns as you like but gun size is limited to 12". Torpedoes are free game. Operational range short or higher. Nation british, german or russian.

You will fight two battleships, one battlecruiser and two heavy cruisers. Enemy tech level 1925. 

Two points for victory, two points for no critical damage (on either ship), two points for atleast 18 main calibre barrels, two points for atleast 8 22" torpedoes, one point for each ship killed by extensive fire, one point for each ship killed by torpedo, two points for over 20" armour on belt AND over 15" belt extended. 1 point for a max speed of 28 knots or more. Negative two points for ship lost.


Scenario 3 "The testing platform"

You are to build two battleships, battlecruisers or heavy cruisers. Only requirements are atleast five main calibre guns of different calibres and atleast 3 different calibre secondary guns. Any tech level you want and any nation you want.

You will fight two heavy cruisers, three light cruisers and five destroyers. Enemy tech level 1930.

Two points for victory, one point for enemy ship sunk, two points for over 80 barrels total per ship, three points if battle over in less than one ingame hour, one point for no torpedoes, one point for no torpedo hits on your ships, negative three points for ship lost.

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This looks cool so here is my idea


Double eagle or Dragon
With the battle of  Tsushima, Russia is left blooded. Both the Pacific and Baltic fleets are down and out. The Japanese are now posed to land on Sakhalin. The Russians have one card left. Their intelligence units had learned of a new vessel under construction in Britain that could revolutionize war at sea. To keep ahead of the curb, a copy of that vessel was begun in Russia. Now that ship will be deployed with the Arctic Flotilla in a do or die mission to turn the tide of the war. As the fleet approaches Sakhalin, part of the Japanese fleet sails to meet it.
Russia 1906
1 BB
3 CL
6 DD
Japan 1903
3 BB
4 CA
5 CL
6 TB
13,000 meters
Russian battleship is limited to 23k tons, 12” main guns, 4” secondary guns. Casemate guns are unlimited. Long range is required.

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It definitely has been a while since I made one of these

Glory to Arstotzka

It is 1965. Arstotzka is at war with Kolechia over a piece of territory known as the Grestin strip. Out on the seas, fierce naval battles are raging between the belligerents. You can take command of either country's naval forces. 

If you choose Arstotzka:

  • This nation's naval doctrine calls for large capital ships that are very well armored. your ship must have at least 15 inch belt, 9 inch belt extended, 8 inch deck, and 6 inch deck extended armor as well as maxed out protection modules in order to be accepted into service.
  • Put the Kolechian scumbags at the bottom of the sea

If you choose Kolechia:

  • This nation's naval doctrine calls for a fast and flexible fighting force mostly comprised of smaller ships, with a few capital ships to support them. your ship must have a speed above 28 knots to be accepted into service.
  • Teach these insolent Arstotzkans a lesson by sending them to Davy Jones' locker


ARSTOTZKAN FORCES: Russian Empire, 1940 tech

1X super battleship, Glory of Arstotzka

3X battlecruiser, unknown class

3X heavy cruiser, unknown class

1X light cruiser, unknown class

1X destroyer, unknown class

KOLECHIAN FORCES: Austrian Empire, 1940 tech

1X battleship, Pride of Kolechia

2X battlecruiser, unknown class

2X heavy cruiser, unknown class

3X light cruiser, unknown class

4X destroyer, unknown class



  • destroy the opposing task force without losing your battleship.
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Been a while and this section seems kinda dead...but here's hoping somebody reads this one

Mountain Mama's Finest Hour

South Pacific, late 1944

A small US surface group is steaming across open ocean towards a nearby friendly port for refueling, rearming and repairs in preparation for an upcoming assault on a Japanese Island stronghold. At the heart of this small group is the battleship USS West Virginia, coming off her role as an escort and fire support vessel for a convoy of troop ships that just made landfall on a remote archipelago to capture a troublesome Japanese airstrip. As all available carriers are either hunting down the last remnants of the Japanese Navy, supporting troop landings or at the docks themselves...the USS West Virginia is being escorted by a pair of light cruisers and three destroyers, which the US Navy deems adequate anti-aircraft protection for the aging battleship, but little does this surface fleet know that Japanese aircraft are going to be the least of their worries.

The day before you are scheduled to arrive at port, the radar onboard the USS West Virginia picks up several unidentified contacts that are moving in formation on a bee-line for the same port. As no reports or communications have came through that would indicate these contacts are friendly, one of the light cruisers launches a scout plane to go and investigate. The report over the radio confirms everyone's suspicions...and fears: a Japanese surface group, consisting of mainly older ships, is steaming straight towards the port you are headed to and among them is the battleship Nagato. You relay this information to the commander at the port, and the Japanese Navy's motive is suddenly clear: the USS Enterprise herself, pride and joy of the US Navy, is in dry dock undergoing repairs after a recent kamikaze strike heavily damaged her and rendered her flight deck inoperable. The best defenses the port has to offer is a couple of PT Boat squadrons, a small contingent of aircraft, and a cruiser squadron permanently assigned there. You ask your XO for a status report of the West Virginia and his response is as follows, "We've got just enough fuel to make it to port and then some, and while we aren't in immediate danger of running out of ammo...we won't have enough for a prolonged engagement, sir. We better make our shots count." Knowing that you are the only thing standing between the Japanese surface group and the Lucky E's destruction...you turn to the bridge crew and give the order "Right full rudder...speed, all ahead full. If they want the Enterprise on the bottom, they'll have to send us down first!" You then turn to the ship's intercom system and give the order, "All hands man your battle stations! Repeat, ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS! The Big E needs protection, and we're gonna be her shield!" Out-gunned but undaunted the USS West Virginia turns it's bow towards the enemy, with your escorts following close by, determined to show the Japanese Navy that the only Country Roads in the Pacific Theater lead straight to the gates of Hell.

(Yes, those are references to the song "Country Roads Take me Home." I thought it was humorous at the time)

Design Conditions
Your Fleet (1928 Tech)
You will design the battleship
It should be as close to the late-war USS West Virginia as is currently possible but below are some requirements:
MUST be built on the Dreadnought IV hull, not a Modern Battleship Hull
All-or Nothing Armor Scheme
Radar 1
Belt Extended: 8"
Main Belt: 13.5"
Conning Tower: 16"
Turret sides: 18"
Deck Extended: 3.5-4"
Main Deck: 5-6"
Speed: 22 knots
Engines: Either of the Geared Steam Turbines
Aux Motor: Either of the Turbo Electric options
Main Battery: Four twin 16" guns
Secondary Battery: Eight twin 5" guns (4 per side)

Your other ships will be 2 light cruisers and 3 destroyers

Enemy Fleet (1928 Tech)
1 Battleship, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 3 Light Cruisers and 3 Destroyers

Battle Information
You don't need to bring reduced ammo, but the main guns must be set to "save" fire mode
Starting Range is 20,000m

Win Conditions
Your only hope for victory and your only objective is to destroy the enemy battleship and as many cruisers as possible as the Japanese are hellbent on the destruction of USS Enterprise and will surrender to nothing at this point of the war. The more cruisers you destroy, the easier the job will be for the cruiser squadron once they reach your location. You are forbidden to enter port until the threat is eliminated since you can be refueled at sea and towed back into port if need be. With that being said, however, we would obviously like the USS West Virginia to survive this battle if at all possible. It's a tall job for anyone, especially given what the USS Enterprise means to the United States, but you're staring down the barrel with your back against the wall and if you let the Japanese through...you will go down in history as the man who let the Enterprise fall to the enemy: it's time to do or die Admiral.

Point Breakdown
Sink the enemy battleship: 5 pts
Sink a Heavy Cruiser: 3 pts
Sink a Light Cruiser: 2 pts
Sink a Destroyer: 1 pt

USS West Virginia at less than 45% Structural Integrity: -5 pts
Lose the USS West Virginia: -10 points

Bonus Objectives
Keep the USS West Virginia above 75% Structural Integrity: 5 pts
Keep at least 3 of your 5 escorts afloat: 3 pts

If you sink ALL enemy ships within 6 hrs of in-game time:
You will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the ship will earn the Presidential Unit Citation and you will forever be remembered as the "Savior of the Lucky E," Who knows, there might even be a promotion for you if you succeed.

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with the new save battle feature, I thought I would try adding a battle save file here

Save my save 1: easy

you are playing as the US, and the enemy is Russia. your ships are the USS Hyperion, a battleship with an emphasis on durability with 4 triple 17-inch guns, the USS Interceptor, a very fast battlecruiser with decent protection and 4 twin 13-inch guns as well as 4 deck torpedo launchers, and 4 Macarthur class universal ships, each armed with 3 triple 11 inch guns. your opponents are the Borodino, a firepower focused battleship with 3 quadruple 18-inch guns, the Saint Petersburg, a well rounded battlecruiser carrying 16-inch guns, and 4 torpedo laden heavy cruisers.


to add the save file, go to C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts and open the text file called "savedBattles". Copy and paste the contents of the above file into that document, and it should work. 

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Save my save 2: the super pre-dreadnought (medium)

you are playing as Russia, and the enemy is France. your ships are the Petropavlovsk, the super pre-dreadnought with 6 turrets, and its escort of 3 torpedo boats. opposing you are 2 standard pre-dreadnoughts and 2 armored cruisers.


to add the save file, go to C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts and open the text file called "savedBattles". Copy and paste the contents of the above file into that document, and it should work.

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