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The sea

1) Sometimes, the waves are in long straight lines, especially when viewed from a high angle.  Is there any way to randomise them?

2) Ships with low freeboard (especially destroyers and torpedo boat destroyers) look as if they are semi-submerged.  I think that the problem is that there are insufficient graphics for foam.  If more was added, especially when waves broke over the bows of a ship, the visual improvement would be dramatic.

Other stuff

a) When smoke is reported on the horizon, could we please see some smoke?  Coal burning ships kicked out massive amounts of it, and it aided sighting considerably.

b)  When the difficulty setting has been sorted out, could we please lose the structural graphics for the enemy ships?  Currently, they give us far more information than would be available to us in real life.  The only indications we should get are fires, listing, loss of speed and (if close enough) visible battle damage, which leads onto my next point.

c) Could we please have a telescope or/and a binocular magnified view with an appropriately shaped filter?

I'm having great fun with this.  Keep up the good work.

Pongo de Mer

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