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The AI and it,s shenanigans.

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I don't even bother with screening or following  commands or even putting ships in a battalion together. The AI is just so braindead that in every mission i play ships ether just make donuts or move very far away in a random direction not even trying to follow the command i gave them.

To make every ship do what i wish i have to micromanage them all. which is not a problem in small battles. However in big battles with 20+ ships to command this does not work.

The enemy AI suffers from the same issues. I don't even need the pop up which tells me where the enemy fleet is located. Just the sound of their ships ramming eachother is enough to pinpoint their location. it,s just so bad.

I really hope AI fixes are high up the list of things that need to be fixed. Otherwise gamemodes like the campaign are impossible to take serious.


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Formation AI is lack luster and they are more efficient than the player at throwing DDs into a mass of ships with a wave of torps. (Again by cloaking and decloaking via smoke and a ridiculous small spotting chance).


But yes trying to have a decent fleet formation going is impossible and it makes me worried for campaign when we will have to manage large battlefleets.

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Have a smol observation:

Formations and ship AI in general seem to work fine for singular ships, and starts breaking when multi ship divisions are involved.

Also there is definitely some amount of buggery specifically in the code that handles behaviour of ships within multi ship division, and this buggery influences other ships and divisions when they're connected by formation orders - i have reported this and it was confirmed to be a bug.

So i suspect that the cause of broken formations also lies not in formations themselves, but in that part of code. Should be fixed with next update.

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