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Frequently Asked Questions



- Where to start?

You can start from the available tutorial battles and get familiar with the basic game mechanics or jump right into action, picking one of the two main campaigns. Here are some useful links with info:








You are also welcome to our live community at Discord. Just follow this link and get help for any issue from a member of the team or another player:


- Why the game does not auto-save?

The auto-save feature is disabled in Menu, Options. You can enable it back.

- Can I save during battle?

Yes, you can make unlimited saves during battle.

- Can I skip a land battle in campaign without any penalty?

Yes, skipping land battles does not produce any penalties.


- Are you planning to add a sand box mode or more playable nations? What about MP?

Currently there are not such plans.

- What will happen if reputation drops below 0?

The campaign will end in failure.

- When I select next stage I get the message "You have an unfinished battle".

This message is a warning for a pending main battle yet to be played. You can either play the pending battle or skip it by selecting again Next Stage.

- I cannot start a battle and I get the message “There are empty mandatory slots”.

You must fill all the mandatory slots (blue for naval, green for land battles) in order to start a battle. Grey slots are optional. If you do not have enough ships, you can return in port to purchase ships form Admiralty.

- What are these missions marked with a "?" (question mark)?

They are side missions, mostly auto re-solved but some of them may lead to a real battle in next stage. Above the assigned fleet you can check their duration (stages before auto-resolve) and availability (stages will be available).

- Sometimes when I ask to a questionnaire, I do not get a reward after the answer

This type of Q and A unlocks certain types of ships. Depending on the answer, the related ship tech will be added in the tech timeline and will become available for purchasing in port.

- Is there an upkeep cost for my fleet/army?

Yes, you can hover your mouse over Gold to appear your current financial state. 


- Can I change difficulty before each battle?

Yes but only for naval battles. To do this, check Review Strategy and pick an alternative difficulty level for Ai.

- I lost (or skipped) a naval battle and the Campaign was ended in failure.

A naval battle defeat will cause a penalty drop in reputation. If new reputation is below 0 then the campaign will end in failure.

- I have saved my fleet (mission objective), but the battle does not end. Do I have to eliminate enemy fleet as well?

If objective is to save your fleet, you do not have to destroy enemy. You can just retreat by sailing your fleet out of the bounds.   

- My reserved officers do not appear to create/upgrade a ship/land unit

There are different officers for using in ships and land units (different uniform colors). Make sure you have the proper officers available according the unit you want created/upgraded.

- Why some cannons are unusable in cannon equip list?

There are not enough pieces for all the slots of the selected deck.

- I've purchased cannons for my ship but they do not appear at all in equip list with the rest available cannons

Their weight exceed the max allowed cargo weight of the ship and cannot be used. A possible work around is to upgrade the ship and increase max allowed weight limit.

- Does the musket selection of the ship crew matters?

Yes, ship crew uses the assigned weapon during boarding fights and close range shots between ships.

- Why suddenly I can see no more the ship attacking sectors?

You've accidentally disabled it. Enable it back using the control located over the minimap.

- I lost a troopship in battle but I had transferred my units to other ship(s) before that. After the battle I cannot see these troops back in port.

These men and their officers have returned as reserves, keeping their promotions, perks and statistics they had. You can use them to make new or enforce existing units.


- Why sometimes I cannot capture abandoned guns or supply wagon with my selected unit?

The selected unit must have inside its own individual LoS the abandoned target to be able to capture it. Move the unit closer to the target until the gray indicator appears over the guns or the wagon.

- Sometimes when I order my unit to capture abandoned guns or a supply wagon, it detaches the needed part but sometimes the whole unit is used. Is this a bug?

Infantry units can detach only one scout/skirmisher/capturing party. If such a party has been already detached and the parent unit is ordered to capture artillery or supplies, it cannot detach another party, so the whole parent unit will be used.

- How can I replenish a supply unit with supplies during battle?

If in battle there is a supply point, move the supply unit close to it.

- Fall back does not work, soldiers turn their back to the enemy

There is no special backwards move animation for fall back but it works ok. When unit falls back, rear attack penalty is disabled. The unit moves to new position with minimum casualties and auto-turns to the target. 

- Same hotkey (F) for Fall Back and Engage/Disengage?

Fall back applies to land units and Engage/Disengage to ships only.


- Troubleshooting

Most common issues met during the Early Access period were related with outdated video drivers, corrupted textures or missing C++ libraries. If you experience sudden crashes on loading or during a battle, graphic glitches, strange looking or missing terrain and objects, etc. try one or more of the next actions in this order:

1.       Update your video drivers

2.       Verify the integrity of your game files in Steam*

3.        Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package (x64) from https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

* (Open your Steam client right click on Game then Properties->Local Files->Verify integrity of game files)




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