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Difficulty and adaption!?

Navalus Magnus

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1 hour ago, Navalus Magnus said:

But it also allows for choosing the level of difficulty for each battle anew, doesn‘t it?

Yes, but only on sea battles is what I noticed. In isolated land battles I don't get a choice to up the difficulty in order to get the extra reward and REP that I can get in the sea battles.

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14 hours ago, Navalus Magnus said:

Speaking of difficulty: Does the chosen level of difficulty have an effect on the strength of every single enemy unit, or does it only effect thier numbers?

I mean, is e.g. a single Bellona class 3rd rate stronger on medium difficulty than on easy?


yes, it affects also individual unit's stats, weapons, etc.

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@sterner  @Husserl

Would it be possible to implement the opportunity to switch Adaption on and off and / or change the level of difficulty in a running campaign (via fleet management overview -> options)?

Imo this would be a nice asset, because players could adjust the level of difficulty to thier abilities without restarting a campaign. This might also minimize negative Steam reviews, even further, as the difficulty of the game seems to be an important factor for lots of the negative reviews.

What do you think devs?


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