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Campaign Logistics by adding a ‘Supply Fleet’

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suggestion. The setup…

Supply Items.

Ship onboard supplies:

  • Ordinances.
  • Fuel.
  • Provisions.

Supply/Transport Ship Cargo:

  • Ordinances.
  • Fuel.
  • Provisions.

Regional or Port's Stock:

  • Ordinances.
  • Fuel.
  • Provisions.


  • Add ‘Supply Fleet’ per region, add ship assignment to those supply fleets.
  • Remove ship range and replace it with fuel capacity (miles/km range – fuel usage).
  • Add provisions capacity and based it on hull size.
  • Enable transport designing/construction.

Current ship ordinances stock remains unchanged.


Transports that accompany/assigned to the fleet to resupply the fleet during battle, by close proximity and not while in combat.

Transports assigned to the region supply fleet to resupply fleets before battle or upon turns.

Ports to supply the supply fleet with every turn.

The rate of supply determined by the number of transports assigned to its region, including trade ships and their trade rate/flow.

Transport cargo volume determined at design, cargo to fill and transfer automatically (maybe sliders upon design to determined each item's volume).    

Ships would experience performance degradation through a lack of provisions and simply runout off ordinances and fuel. Thereafter to retreat or become sitting ducks.

The supply chain…


Campaign Strategy.

The player is going to have to consider the logistics for every ship/fleet movement. Every fleet will have to have its supply chain organized and planned for the battlegroup. Mostly for attacking forces or regions without enough bases/ports.

A region supply chain is setup by allocating transport ships to that region supply fleet. Those supply ships would then supply that regions battlefleets with every turn.

Once enough ports have been captured the supply then starts to flow positively from ports to supply fleets. Also once there's a positive supply it should start to stock non producing ports, if transports have been allocated.

Any ship would able to be added to the supply fleet, warships to act as the fleet defence, including armed merchants if so built.

Players would be designing transports for their supply fleets, building an armada of transports for all those conveys (regions), should be quite immersive in its own right.  

The 'Battle Generator' would then pit battles against supply fleets and their defences, adding a battle layer determined by the player supply fleet deployments. I’m not sure if supply fleets should be pitted against the main battle fleet or elements of thee, this is what RTW2 does. Their battle generator takes elements from the main fleet and creates a convoy battle. IMO I think supply fleets should battle other supply fleets, like only battle its counterpart (and/or raiders). But this decision would be on the Dev's though.

RTW2 protection fleets protect trade ships, this suggestion is to merge protection fleets and trade fleets into supply fleets and act as one entity.

A region that has subs deployed, to harass enemy trade/supply fleet, you then could assigning a transport to resupply those subs (assigning it to that region supply fleet if no other force is present). Maybe even an armed transport to do some harassing of it’s own. This suggestion opens up alot of options for more new possibilities. 

Thought about adding repairs as a supply item but that's quite debatable so it’s not included for now. But it could be added as a supply option to regulate colonial service (RTW2).

Some Battle Tactics.

  • Use cruise or lower speeds to save fuel.
  • Keep transports out of enemy range.
  • Pull ships of the frontlines to re-supply.
  • Target enemy transports.


As for the battle instance, I think ships are going to get very low with ammo stocks, it happens now, we just restart the academy mission but that is not an option in campaign battles, resupplying ammo during battle is the answer. Pulling ships off the front lines while other battleships slug-it-out is plausible. The thing is if you start building supply ships and make them fully player interactive then you can’t exactly exclude them from adding them into fleets, any fleet. They could even be consider as cheap or emergency support vessels.

If inspired by RTW2 then IMO Dev’s should be putting there own spin on things, adding a ‘Logistics’ layer would supersede RTW2... 

Overall I think 'Logistics' could be separated out and into actual physical supply ships/fleets, it would then apply a practical application to logistics. Practical logistics would add a whole layer to the strategical game and ship designs, but without effecting any battle mechanics or the political system, only effecting attrition.

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  • Skeksis changed the title to Campaign Logistics by adding a ‘Supply Fleet’

If managing logistics then there may be a need for a new ship state, ‘Docked’, an additional state from ‘Active Force’ (AF).

If supply/transport ships are to transfer supplies to the AF then there going to be a need to tell ships on AF to resupply from ports, if needed e.g. if no transports in service. Manual designating should keep players wits about them. 

If each turn is monthly, ships that are ‘docked’ should still be available for battle even through they need time to fire the boilers since a month is not hours but maybe arrive to battle alittle later (but not hours though) or at an RNG distance from the battle.

Supply chain update…


Note, all RTW2 based/inspired.

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not stupid ! i m agree

in any case whatever the system chosen a dynamic campaign is needed, with the main objective of logistical support for the forces on the ground

because in all conflicts of history war at sea has been a struggle to maintain supply routes!

eccept landing operations, warship duels are only  propaganda, and panache for the glory

the real sinews of war at sea is losgistic support specialy if the carrier aicraft are not in the game !


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You're absolutely not wrong, but in a way, too right: there is a reason that major fleet battles of the era were never planned to take place far from their home areas, and that is because it was not inherently possible to have sufficient logistics to maintain a large battle fleet so far from home waters and their supply ports. A raiding fleet, yes, but I don't think that's what you're talking about.


Consider one of the primary reasons that the imperial/colonial powers of the day had bases on ever far flung island across the globe - it was for resupply. 


So, as far as raiding fleets go, such as what the Germans tried to do in the beginning of WWI, I think you're absolutely spot on. But, no logistic train was good enough to keep a large battle fleet at sea for months. The closest a fleet ever came to that feat was the Russians in 1904-1905 when they sent the Baltic Fleet to relieve Port Arthur. And look how well that turned out for them.

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On 12/11/2020 at 4:08 AM, James Cornelius said:

there is a reason that major fleet battles of the era were never planned to take place far from their home areas, and that is because it was not inherently possible to have sufficient logistics to maintain a large battle fleet so far from home waters and their supply ports. A raiding fleet, yes, but I don't think that's what you're talking about.

It doesn’t matter if Dev’s don’t include resupply at sea, port to port and port to ship logistics would still be fine.  

What matters is our involvement in managing logistics/supplies via convoys (supply fleets), designing/building & deploying transports plus adding warships and convoy combat and our participation in that combat.

Though adding more elements to the battle instance increases variety, increases tactics etc...better.

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