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Academy: Please unlock all missions: grind is making me not want to play this game

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Hi. I bought this game just the other day. But I cannot get past the second First Turrets mission: no matter what combination of firepower, armour or more funds, I cannot sink that pesky Confederate Ironclad which seems to have the magical ability to put out fires and re-float itself after being holed. I've played the mission more than 10 times and fail each time. And the grind thing: seriously, use the Academy missions to be a tutorial BUT do not have it so you have to grind through the missions, and if fail, have to go back and replay, again...and again...and again. This is NOT fun. And it really does not make me want to play this game. Please fix. 



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18 hours ago, Fitzy467 said:

I completely agree.  I first pressed the difficulty button to see what the choices were.  I am now stuck in permanent 'Hard' and cannot change it no matter what I do.  This has made mission just awful and I am sick of trying it out.

There are no actual difficulty levels implemented yet. The toggle is there but doesn't do anything, hence it being "locked" when you try to change it. 

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Hi all. Yes, tried every combination known to man and seemed not to work. Eventually, after more than 20 goes, the enemy blew up within first 5 minutes due to I guess a lucky shot. Now onto third mission, casemates, and stuck in same endless cycle.

Please developers, reconsider this design decision: by all means, use the Academy missions as substitute tutorials, BUT do not make us jump through hoops just to access more material. I I decide not to learn the mechanics by playing the Academy missions first before jumping right in, then I will suffer accordingly when my ship gets blown from underneath me. Happy with that. BUT do not force me to grind my way through Academy missions before I can get to the meat of the game, especially when some of those missions are clearly very hard. All that does is irritate me and make me regret buying this game; it has too much promise with the imminent campaign coming out to be alienating players in this petty way.

Please reconsider.



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