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Just as a souvenir of completion 51 Naval Academy Missions!

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On 11/26/2020 at 2:18 PM, Fitzy467 said:

How on earth do you do the third mission?

The one with CSS Virginia?

The build I used was this:
Primary Gun: 9 Inch gun (Front, no rear gun)
Secondaries: 8 Inch (One pair of 7 inch on the rear because of space requirement)
Towers: Maximum
Funnels:  As many as you can cram on.

Belt Armor: 5 inch
Belt Extended: 4.8 inch
Deck Armor: 1.5 Inch
Deck Extended 0.5 Inch
Conning Tower: 5 Inch
Turret & Secondaries: 4.9 Inch

Speed: 10kn
Max Bulkheads, heavy shells, reduced shells, enhanced reloading.

The Armor is just strong enough to stop all AP rounds from the Monitor with even 12 inch guns, plus a small bit extra, though lucky shots can damage/destroy case-mates or Funnels. Your ship should have enough speed & acceleration to out-run them, but they will out-turn you.  They'll try and circle around you, but don't take the bait and just go full-speed ahead (use manual rudder if you need to prevent AI from auto-turning) to keep them on broadside. Eventually you will damage their funnel or cause them to flood and the battle will be over shortly after as they are stuck in your broadsides at close range.

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