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I've been playing NA for a few years and never understood the unnecessary amount of clicks in this game. It sometimes feels like a government website. 

For instance: When purchasing something a player sets the amount they wish to purchase then clicks confirm, It should be done. That purchase click showing the price per amount should be the confirmation of the player accepting the price. However, after each purchase a new pop up box emerges that requires the player to; wait for it to load then click a confirmation box. This extra click slows down players' workflow and adds no value to the experience, thus it should be removed.  
By removing that purchasing confirmation pop up box and other unnecessary clicks, the game's UI will feel streamlined and players will have less wait time. Again, improving the overall experience of play. If it must be kept in game for coding purposes or game mechanic purpose remove the confirmation click and have it pop up for .5 of a second then disappear. 
I've designed a game BritishvsPirates.com so I have some experience with user interface and player behavior. I have a feeling I am not the only one with this complaint and sometimes it requires another game designer to provide this type of feedback. Most consumers are unable to articulate why something in a game bothers them. Mainly because they are not game designers instead they are just consumers which is fine. This is one of those subconscious mechanics that adds little value for the players time. Thanks and please make this change in next patch.
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I've been saying this ever since I first bought the game during Alpha. All the unnecessary clicks and confirmations make that aspect of the game seem awkward, clunky and unpolished to me.



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