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mounting cannons on new ship


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I haven't played the game for a while, and decided to start a new campaign, finished the first mission and after selling my merchant ship, I purchase a 7th rate brig. Problem is that after purchasing 4pdr and 6pdr cannons, I cannot mount them on the ship. When I click on the cannons slot on the upper left, next to the ship stats, it opens a window for the weapons, but the cannons I bought are not there.... 

any ideas?

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It's hard to say if it is a bug or not. Generally you have to have the required amount of guns the ship needs in order to apply them to the ship. Now, if you are saying you bought them from the shop and they do not show up in your armory then that would be a bug so F11 and send report. If you save your game or when the game saves, for start of battle and end of battle, then reload, the victory save, and look at your results, redo what you want to do and see if the same thing happens and if it does then send another F11 report which helps the DEV to solve the issue. I would quit game, load that Victory save and try it again because if you have the required amount of guns for a ship and within the weight limits of the ship then they should show up in your armory or in the shop to buy and if there are none and you bought them then something is wrong so the best way is to F11 report it.

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Dont buy cannons through the store.. buy them through the cannon mounting interface. Because in store, you might buy guns that cannot be fitted on your ship, while in cannon interface you only see cannons you can actually mount...  and FYI, dont buy 7 rates... they are worthless and only useable as fireships.. focus on 6-rates or preferably 5-rates as soon as possible... Its better to have single 5-rate than 5  7-rates when you have to face enemy 5-rate...


In game, there are certain ship type "barriers" you need to overcome.. 5-rate is the first barrier.. you cant effectively defeat it without own 5-rate... you can do it with few 6-rates, but it will be tough fight, and you might lose a ship, which means you lose money..

Second barrier is 4-rate Razee.. these are very tough opponents, due to their armament.. 5-rates will struggle to take them down, especially when you want to capture them afterwards..  Their broadside is way too strong, especially from close range due to those 32pdr carronades...


Third one is 3-rate Ship of the Line... and against these, you really want to have at least a Razee and few 5-rates to fight them effectively.. Razee in particular is quite good against them from close range, because those carronades have 2x higher rate of fire than long 32pdr guns they carry, while at close range, they can penetrate SoLs armor just fine.


Once you have access to own Ships of the Line, game becomes much easier..


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Hi guys, same problem here:

finished the first mission, now wanting to buy a bigger ship but no chance of getting guns on it. I observed that in the store (Admirality) there are not enough for sale. Is that to force you to play the second mission with the default ships?

If so, its really touch since you are very outgunned


EDIT: Ok, might it be that the numbers of cannons and ships in the shop are randomly defined every time?
Just completed the first mission again and all of the sudden there are enough cannons though there is no 6th class ship or brig in store.

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