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Disable collision avoidance mode

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As someone who has been (mostly) enjoying this fantastic game for the past two weeks or so, i have a complaint. I am becoming increasingly annoyed by the Auto Avoidance mode (hereby referred to as AAM) The first annoying thing about AAM is that it takes a squadron of destroyers of more than 3 ships about 2 hours to get in line of battle, after turning in circles about 20 times. And the most annoying implementation of AAM is that when your CAs are heading bow first into a destroyer so it can avoid (most) torpedos, and then decides a collison is close, so it turns broadside on with the DD and gets hit by the FULL salvo of torpedos. Please give us the option to disable AAM so that the more experienced commanders can do actual courses, and torpedo estimates. I dont think anyone could disagree to adding a option for you to disable it. just allowing you to overide these AAM adjustments is not enough because once the rudder has been turned to one side the damage has already been done.

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I've experienced a similar problem when putting my ships into a line, most noticeably when there are two, three or four ships (if there are 5 ships, everything goes fine). I'll put them into the "Line Ahead" formation with "Normal" spread (not tight or loose) and they'll all be doing the same exact speed, with no course change--i.e. a straight line. Then, out of nowhere, the second ship starts maneuvering in a serpentine fashion, sometimes making a turn so drastic that it has to do a full circle to get back in line and then has to go full speed ahead to catch up to the lead ship. However, once it catches up to the lead ship, the cycle starts again because the first ship is at cruise speed while the second one is full speed ahead, so it starts maneuvering again. This of course causes the third ship to start maneuvering as well, which will effect the 4th ship if it is present. If this was taking place after a turn or drastic speed and course change, that is believable. But if it's a gradual, sweeping course change and a slow, steady speed change, it doesn't make sense. I find that in such cases of unexplained violent maneuvering, it is often easier to just split up the ships into their own single-ship divisions than try and remedy the problem of a 5-ship battle-line, but splitting them up and adjusting course, speed and targets for each individual ship often takes too long.

So I'm wondering, is this some kind of Anti-collision behavior, or is there something else here that I'm missing?

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On 11/10/2020 at 11:27 PM, Latur Husky said:

You can set rudder manually to turn aam off. If you set it so ship sails straight it won’t manoeuvre. If you give it another order with right click it will turn aam back on until you manually set rudder again.

Even with manual rudder your ship still loses speed when the AI thinks it's too near another ship.

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