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Structural damage way too high


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i find sinking ships way too easy... It kinda makes no sense to deal so much structural damage to a ship, when all guns are placed above water and usually aiming on enemy deck/hull.. Usually, large majority of shots would just hit the hull above water, and therefore not deal that huge problem for a ship to stay afloat... yet in this game, once "armor" is gone, ships go down very quickly...

Personally, i think close range gunnery using solid shot should be predominantly dealing damage to armor/crew/guns, but not as much to waterline... (those guns were not supposed to be aimed like that)  Damage to waterline should happen for longer range shots, which while aimed at hull, might hit slightly lower and penetrate at the waterline..


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I just finished 4.6 mission with 3 light frigates/Corvettes, armed with carronades and gunades, sinking every single british ship that came on me (even two 5rates)...  below waterline hull damage is way too easy to achieve...

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