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Nation specific missions

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In the Naval Academy mod, players are tasked with designing ships suitable for that specific mission.

I think it would be great if Naval Academy missions could be divided by nations with separate order or list, because each mission combined with the a short briefing text, could be a powerful teaching tool for both new players and enthusiasts.

This game covers 1890~1940's naval greatpowers and their competition for naval supremacy. The amount of historical, geopolitical and military knowledge needed to fully understand and enjoy the game is quite daunting even for a naval enthusiast myself, for I am only knowledgeable about the Pacific war, but not as well for other theatres or the Great War.

With a separate and properly ordered list of missions, you can

  • teach players each nation's general interests and political views on her allies and rivals
  • also teach general flow of ship developments and their driving factors, thus general idea on how to build ships in that specific era for that nation

i.e. Des Moines class cruisers were developed with auto loading 8 inch guns wired with advanced fire control to counter Japanese destroyers, Kriegsmarine couldn't deal with superior Royal Navy and had to develope fast battleships for convoy raiding augmented by hit and run tactics, Japanese developed torpedo centric screen fleets to remain competitive after naval treaties, Post Jutland ships saw more emphasis on deck armors, older guns had no stabilizer and were very unaccurate. etc.

  • relive, simulate or hypothesize historical battles

Also, I think it would be nice to keep a list of non nation specific general missions like "Destroyer vs Battleship" or "Gun Basics" because they both serve as a tutorial and a challenge.


Thanks for reading.


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