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Alliance and Diplomacy changes to improve the current gamestate



Nation and Faction Diplomacy change:

  • Factions should be limited to 40/50 players, with a maximum of 4/5 clans being allowed on each clans friends lists.
  • The current issues I have witnessed on this game that have led to the current game state is that it is to easy to just join a zerg or have an alt within a nation in order to reap all of the benefits of said nation. By limiting the amount of people who can access port bonuses, there will be more control over people who are in the clans/friendly clans. This will also incentivize people to setup their own alliances and clans in other ports meaning that currently inactive ports will be given life. I believe doing this will also help spread the player base into other nations due to the cap on the size of core alliances.

Other changes that should occur with the above suggestion: 

1. Anyone should have access to resource investments in ports, no matter the clan/friends list, friendly clans should only effect port bonuses.

2. You should have the option of handing over port ownership to an ally without having to drop the port neutral.

3. Clan Officers should have the ability to elect a clan leader.

4. Friendly Clans should have the ability to elect which clan owns a county capital.

I would love to discuss this further with anyone, alot of details would need to be ironed out but I truly believe that this change would massively benefit the game.


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