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I know we're still quite early in the Alpha but I just wanted to toss in my 0.02.

For example I would love to be able to choose if I want an unprotected 5-inch gun like a lot of the early cruisers and battleships had, they didn't have any real protection for the gun crews, were lighter (5"/51 at 5 metric tons! Current 1910 5 inch is 38t) and were rapid firing (5"/51 at about 6.5 second reload, current 1910 5 inch is 12.5s.).

JRpFeXg2gBVfHK98pqLUhJ7_razLypDHahXZ_-Tu   <---Link broke during posting, see edit at bottom.

This would lower the armor cost of the gun to practically nothing but it also would expose it/the crew to any and all incoming fire.

At the moment the current system makes it difficult to mount weapons in a somewhat historical fashion due to the current lack of weapon choices. Maybe each weapon could have a deeper menu (much like the current system) where you could choose a naked gun, shielded gun (like most of the 2 & 3 inch guns) or encased. Each with their own pros and cons.

Anyways, I am having an amazing time playing this game and cant wait for more content and QoL improvements (looking at you independent left/right targeting!).


*EDIT*  Since the inline photo seems to be broken, please look here for a good example of a "naked" 5"/51 used on US warships:


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Broken inline photo.
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