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Battle of Philippi 'Bug'?


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Just starting out (it's great, well done!), so loaded Philippi as 1st engagement in ACW here. Using Scenario rather than Own Battle, the (Union) OOB opens, but when I select 1st Division in center, it pulls up header for 2nd Division in right panel (though details seem to match 1st Div). Selecting 2nd Division in center pulls up header for 3rd Div (though details seem to match 2nd Div). Selecting 3rd Division in center pulls up header for 2nd Div (though details seem to match 3rd Div). And selecting 4th Division in center pulls up header for 1st Div (though details seem to match 4th Div).

Selecting Confederate side works fine, that is selecting a Division in center gives correct title on right.

It's not a major issue and can work around, but just wondering if this is real and known minor problem or do I have a corrupted file and need to reinstall?

I've also noticed same thing happening on Potomac Fort, but easiest to go with the Philippi example to get an answer.

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