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Many ship classes had tiered decks, for example the Japanese Fuso, Ise, Kongo, and Nagato-class battleships (and Fast Battleship), and from what I've seen most of the ship hulls are flush or early dreadnought, thus I would like to propose custom tiering for certain, or all, hulls, to allow creation of more historically accurate ships, like British battlecruisers, Japanese battleships, and Standard-type US Battleships. I also think this would be good for Cruisers and possibly destroyers, and if Carriers are added this could be used for fight decks, with the pre-refit Kaga and Akagi or Courageous-class carriers.   





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unfortunately the models are not as modular as hoped otherwise a system with a clicker (i.e. -1 deck level, 0 (standard) +1 deck, etc.) could be used to add additional deck levels to the vessel to increase viability in superfiring guns, better placement of casemate guns and affecting stability if it starts getting too top heavy. Reduced deck heights would come at an advantage of decrease hull weight (lightship, steel weight), better roll (affecting accuracy) due to lowered CG but at the expense of wet decks which may render casemates unusable or at reduced ROF and accuracy. This coupled with better damage control and flooding mechanisms would make the game alot more realistic for damage control.

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