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Train my skills offline or in some sort of training arena?

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first of all, Naval Action is such a great game. Thank you so much. 

The only problem I have in the moment is, my skills are very limited :) So I would like to ask, if there could be a training area outside the tutorial, where I can train my skills. 

E.g. Open Water where you can choose the type of your ship, no and type of the opponents and let`s go. 

So a very simple setup and location.

If that would be an option to play/train offline would be also nice. During the server maintenanve, I could use it to train and compensate the 1 hour :)

Love the game and I`m very excited to see what I can explore.


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You can try some kill mission against the AI. This will open an instance that you can reach in OW, but unlike regular OW tag of AI, no one will be allowed to jump in your battle. 

Just make sure your ship is heading back to your base before entering the battle location, to make your return easier. 

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Yes I think, you got me correct. Would be nice to have something except the Tutorial to train. Of course, I can meet some players, but at the beginning as complete noob it`s not so easy to reach out.

And if you're training a complete unexpirienced player like I am, it's also frustrating for the opposing side to train your skills. It will take weeks :) So, not bothering others and have an area to play was the wish. And then come back with some confidence and explore the world :)


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