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Profanity usage in game.

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On 11/7/2016 at 2:37 PM, Captain Pickle said:

I agree those are not insults hell i know more insults in other languages that work better than that nonsense and a profanity filter not a bad idea but then instead of saying fuck which would be caught you would say probably say f.u.c.k. or some other form of the word like my fave Fu-cK more looks like an element on the periodic table than a swear easy.

This is still considered swearing.  Just don't use those words when addressing your fellow Captains, it's that easy.

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9 hours ago, Groslulu77 said:

This one in is quite rude...

Captain, please do not forget to report such cases via in-game chat report function (right click on the character name with the abusive chat string and click on Report)

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