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A list of suggestions to better the game and for variety.

The Guns - I would personally like to see more unique turret designs for nationality as i see nearly every nation has the same 18" guns and alot have the same 4" to 8" guns. also it doesnt make sense that japanese and french have the same designs as they are quite different in reality im sure that is a goal but it really is quite important because its almost like building the same ship everytime

The Guns Again - The addition of Quadruple Turrets into the game is kind of important as they are present on ships in history especially in french as well as the UK that should be an option to be added

Hull and Superstructure - More variety in those areas would be nice as alot of the dreadnoughts have literally identical superstructure and hull no matter the nation also for cruisers they all have like the exact same superstructure in 1940

Aircraft Carriers - I think that that would be very interesting to be added into the game. although large it really changes alot of mechanics and more customization. like adding AA to ships and building carriers would be very cool i think that would be a very nice addition to the game and would add mroe "flavour"

CheatsĀ  - For Custom Battles i think there should be an option to just build the most outrageous ship and that would be interesting. what i mean is no displacement total or literally just game breaking things like making a 10000 ton destroyer

Diversity - Honestly Just Making The Ships more diverse for each nation really changes alot and makes the game more enjoyable


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