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Unmask the Sink111's (CNS clan)dirty move for Everyone in the server

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Hello every decent captain in naval action, allow me here to speak the truth about Sink111 or STX111 (what ever the name, he changes everytime) in CNS clan. it could be a long story, so if you are interested, please grab some popcorn and follow my description.

The story starts a year ago, probably in 2019/6, when i left EAR clan in GB and go for Sweeden.

Back then, i was in a clan called KYLIN, but i stopped playing for a while due to some nothings of life. After i came back, there comes a new guy called Sink 111 (used to be HAN clan,joined us for some reason which i dont know), he is a really good player and all our guys looked up to him, and willing to fight togather with him, and he is willing to teach. we had great time with him.

Things began to change after my decision to come back to GB and play with the old friends there. All the old lads followed me to GB.But obviously SINK111 didnt like the idea of going to GB and to play with my old british friends. so he joined Pirate instead, and keep talking to me that MiniTao is an asshole, ssRanger is an asshole without any evidence . what he said was, they have beening playing for so long, why the hell they dont have any apprentice?  they must be bad person. What can i do back then? both sides of them are my friends, and i didnt see any real arguements between them, so i just keep quite and pretend nothing happens. 

It was when the News of china nation that break all the balance i made. at the beginning, we are happy to see a chance that all the chinese people can sail under the same flag, and to be a very strong force in the game, each one of us like the idea of alliance. Sink111 starts first that he is about to build a new clan CNS in France and prepare for the new nation. with so many guys in our clan liked him, about 70% of us followed him, i bought an ALT to join him as well,and keep my main in GB to stick with DF clan.

After some times of building up, Sink111 wants to take a PB against USA. Which they failed, in the end.  And here comes the stupid story of all time xD. someone PM him that player Johnson let out the Mods in their PB ships and numbers of the their PB fleets. Because my Player ID is Jason, the CNS lads said, the Johnson was me for sure, for the reason i have been playing with them for so long, i know their tactics, and Johnson is similar to Jason ,so the Johnson must be me! ( during that time i havent played NA for 2 weeks to take care of a family member who had been diagnosed with cancer) so he PM me to ask if i was the Johnson that betray CNS, i told him i was not online for so long why could it be me?  So he said it must been DF clan that did it, for the reason there's only 2 chinese clan in the game thats active.  but a day later, he PM me with the words : "dont be fooled by MiniTAO and doing stupid things for him, i know you are a good man, you did it not on purpose".  Another day later, he PM me with another words: "i never said you are the Johnson that betray us". Then the 3rd day, he came to me with : "DF must be the one that did all this, MiniTAO is an asshole,why do you think he becomes the head of  his company in such a young age? because he did dirty things to get the place,dont play with him."  THE 4th Day, he came with: “ssRanger must be the one that betray CNS, thats why no one plays with him(ssRanger only plays in 0AM  to 7AM china time,thats why he always play alone )” . THE 5th Day,he came with:"why would you do that for us?" LOL, what a stupid move he made, l'll just leave you guys to flavor his stupidty. of course i lose faith in Sink111.

Then, DF guys are really pissed off, some members said "欲加之罪,何患无辞(if you want to blame someone, there are always excuses to make)", some said"they are the slaves of all the nations in the game, if not, why would they change nation every month?". those words had been screenshot by the Spy in DF's gourp chat, and they use that to condemn us. MiniTAO imediately appologized, but they keep using that to their advantage, what they said was, MiniTAO 's appology was not enough, he must keep appologizing. 

So , he made deal with LAMA clan, if LAMA removes DF from their friend list, to make DF lose SDC shipyard, he will be sure to lead CNS to join prussia and he was sure that DF members will join prussia as well. in the end, LAMA did remove us. that sparks people's anger  in DF, everyone was pissed off. 

maybe a  week later. PINKG clan came to naval action ,they are all chinese dudes, and lead by a famous streamer in china. we welcomes them and gave them a huge amount of reals and doubs and ships for them to start their clan in Pirate. Then , sink111, sense it as well, he starts to play with PINKG and teach them skills, also deliever the bad words about DF. PINKG is a new clan ,all they want was peace, they dont want to get into trouble,so everytime they did RVR actions with CNS to GB, they inform us beforehead, in case of causing unnecessary misunderstanding. One day, PINKG comes along with CNS to block SDC, after a while, PINKG PM us to do some RVR fight with them and having real fun. So we organise people to come, and fight them. Unforunately, we WON…… and sink111 said dont sink PINKG ,why would you do that to them?they are new in the game. why you tag CNS first?why you tag upwind?…… he keep condemn us... which,to be the truth, DF and PINKG didnt communicate so well, about if we tag upwind or how to fight, and at that time THEY have 20 People, we only have like 12, so we choose to tag upwind.but we out numbered them later due to some help from GB players. so he use that as an advantage to worsen the relationship between DF and PINKG.

2days later, SINK111 with Prussia player, tagged our noobs, and they are about to sink our noobs. we imediately organise people to sink them. but we saw their reinforcement, so we tagged them, and sunk them. Then SINK111 said, i didnt sink you guys, but you guys sink my people?  then he keeping talking like, we are not the one that following the rules, we cant sink their ships if they didnt yet sink ours. LOL ,anything wrong if we sink their reinforcements, when they are killing our noobs? LIKE we can ONLY sink them if THEY sink us First?  LMAO, i never seen that after Nursery house. of course we have some guys scold with them during that fight, both sides said nasty things about each other.

I had that enough, and i have something more important to do in life so i quit the game for months.

So SINK111 is a real toxic player in game, he always made up fake things to talk about people, and he piss when he lost.

HERE are the Words from me to him. DONT take CNS new players trusts for granted, they know what you are, they keep following you because they payback your teach in that way! BE AN adult now! you are about to be in your 40s, gave up stupid move here, set examples for your kids! DF wants nothing from you, no one is there to frame you!

And i cant imagine after all those months, he still bear the hate in his heart. while we all forget about all of it. His being in the game really disgust me, and making me sick of playing Naval Action. Now, here is the truth about Sink111's relation with DF, dont be fooled by him.

best regards from Jason.

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So, all this post is about this Sink111, but you spend 0 words about all the crap the whole clan is doing? I'm talking about the clear alt abuse that is now occurring every day (Puerto De Espana, Chinese ports, Russian ports)? 

This stuff is unacceptable and is only done to spoil others' fun. 

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16 hours ago, Frosty said:

So, all this post is about this Sink111, but you spend 0 words about all the crap the whole clan is doing? I'm talking about the clear alt abuse that is now occurring every day (Puerto De Espana, Chinese ports, Russian ports)? 

This stuff is unacceptable and is only done to spoil others' fun. 

maybe thats gonna be another long post😀

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