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Extra Extra - Sweden vows to destroy GB!

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4 minutes ago, Prince of Wales said:

im talking about when the ports were first taken, there was no thread on the forum about Caracas

Not that it really matters at this point, you'd just made it sound like they fought valiantly and tried to retake and were generally operating like a nation.  After the first couple of battles, that entire coast were no shows.   They didn't sue for peace then...   but I think that was less 'resolve to fight to bitter end' and more 'knew Cid wouldn't give a shit if they did.'   

Once LAMA left for Russia...  did they set pbs?  I was gone at that point but didn't notice any?

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Today Sweden launched their attack against GB's only RVR crafting port, and when the Swedish diplomat was queried on the matter his response was, and I quote, "Frankly after the way GB have acted as a

Personally I think every nation essentially being turned into an impossible nation by relying on capturable player owed ports AND then doubling down on that crafting by even more extremely expensive p

Is this russian policy since release of the game? You weren't crying so much when Spain was left with 1 crafter port, and you needed the help of the server's thug to take away their crafter port

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