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Question on bug report


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  • Server: Peace
  • Ingame-name: NoShipSails4ever (mine, not of the bug report sender)
  • Report: NAB-103542
  • Question: his question was mentioned in the report as he said,  but for response reasons i will repeat it here with some additions


It's regarding a bug report of a mate that didn't create a forum account so far.  so i write for him here.
it is related to a port raid that will happen after tomorrows maintenance (Tuspan).
Back in this announcement it was written that only 2 poor / under-developed ports get raided per day.

the port in question has 15 of 40 points used, so it's not really underdeveloped.




Can you explain in more detail what makes a port count as poor and underdeveloped if 15 point investments seem to count as such?

Is this a fixed way how it is counted or something relative like percentages depdning on maximum port point amount (or something else)?


so far we thought that the raiders attack underdeveloped ports like 0 port point investments and if none of these are available going up to 1 point investments and such.

do different investments have different value?

port defense take one port point but don't seem to count as investment, as we had ports with full defense but still they got raided in the past

have port bonuses or resources higher value in relation to their used port points?


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Captain, there is no bug on Peace server - there is a cooldown for each port to protect the port from multiple raider attacks in a certain time period. 

If a poor undeveloped port was recently raided, raiders will search for the next undeveloped port (with a higher development score) and so on.

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