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Hi all!

Please excuse me if this content has already been covered – I am a new player and have not been able to find anything searching in the forums. First, the game is great! I definitely look forward at getting better at it :)

As I've kicked off, I was hoping to get some help with a few things:

1. Is there a collection of tactics or doctrines somewhere? Aside from high-level historical dictums (e.g. Crossing the T, using torpedo boats for charges against BBs, etc.) are there any guides which take into account the nuances of this game? I find myself just charging at the enemy with only a small level of tactics

2. Torpedoes...How are torpedoes used optimally? Perhaps I am just frustrated, but I find that (1) my opponents always get off more torpedoes than I do, faster than I do, from further away than I do. My charging torpedo boats barely get off 1 torpedo against a slow Battleship, and only when they get super close and get burned, but their torpedo boats fire a spread from afar and then run off effectively. Are there any techniques to it? (e.g. a speed, angle of approach, etc.)

Any help would be super appreciated. Thank you!

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The game is very much not finished and the Academy missions are a poor place to really figure out tactics and doctrine. Maneuver a lot and try to avoid torpedoes before you see them. Be vigilant about keeping the range or closing if you want to. Don't just ignore it though.

As for torpedoes when only small salvoes are launched from a multi-tube mount it's because the firing angle is too sharp. Try to have more of a broadside firing angle for torpedo mounts if you're consistently getting half salvoes. Tech is important and the size of the torpedo changes the range. That could be why you're being outranged by the enemy

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