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Sadly, there is no way to see how many hours one has already sank into the game but i think i might, since the release be advancing comfortably towards the 30 hour mark.

I have things that i like to see added, varying in importance and they go as follows, most important on the top:


2. Option to save ship builds
2.1 Option to build all shipclasses in the game manually, instead of only one, and the rest done by the AI.
2.2 Option to build different ships of the same type, so if the enemy f.ex. has 6 BBs, they wont all be the same. (and actually allows things like Nelson and Rodney tag teamin together happening at all)
2.3 Option to load previous ship builds into new custom matches to build your task force made up of varying builds

3. Damage Control
3.1 Give the player more detailed (and transparent) information about the damage to the allied ships.
- Ive witnessed it often enough, that enemy ships kept repairing their engines again and again, while my own ships would never do this.
3.2 allow the player to set priorities on what DC-Teams running around the ship should focus on. This would allow us to fight fires around ammunition racks specificly or target compartments to pump the water out of etc.

4.1The game needs better, more transparent and more plentiful options in setting keys and customize their game controls
4.2 Camera Control is an absolute pain in the ass, because while you use right mouse button held down to rotate, thats the same button to direct the ships heading. When you dont hold the mouse button for long enough, this means that you accidentally give your ship a new heading when rotating the camera is all you wanted.
(BONUS: that happened once when i was tryna dodge torpedoes! Spoiler alert: yes i got hit and sunk)

5. Ship design options
5.1 Allow more freedom in placing Towers, Barbettes and Funnels.

6. Coop please! Thatd be hella fun!
6.1 Maybe open world multiplayer?

7. Historical gun turrets
- The german 11' (280mm) Main Gun turrets dont look true to original at all, please change it accordingly, because my scharnhorst looks really sad. 
- Same for the german 6' (150mm) and 8' (203mm) main gun turrets for cruisers
7.1 Maybe introduce option to include different era versions of the same caliber guns?
- The Scharnhorst class BB used the same caliber gun as the Deutschland Class CA, but the ones on the former, were more advanced and had better penetration along with slightly longer barrels. This could be made interesting as well for other nations because it makes the cost/weight component alot more poignant.

8. Firecontrol
- can we get manual firecontrol maybe? i know this is an odd suggestion because its probably on the roadmap somewhere, but i really like the realism aspect so far and id kill to get some true naval gunnery action for a change. Even if im only relaying info from the firedirector over to the gunners. But this game would absolutely kick ass if we had that.

9. crew management
- could we get a feature whereby we could manage (not on an individual level of course because one could never direct 3000k ppl running round on a Battleship) Crews from knocked out guns around the ship to help where manpower is needed or redistribute manpower around the ship when fires or flooding is actually killing crewmembers
- maybe introduce penalties according to crew loss as well, so that ppl would have to keep their sailors alive during a fight too? im guessing many would hate this, but id be 100% in favour.
9.1 While on the subject maybe introduce different raw difficulty setting that increase or decrease the amount of micromanagement youd be required to do, so ppl who wouldnt wanna suffer penalties from dying crewmembers could just untick that box and never deal with that mechanic at all.



So thats it for now. Calm seas my friends!


Rina ❤️

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1. You can switch to metric by going into the options menu.

2. For custom battles yes pls, but we have dat already for naval academy. It's a highly requested feature among us forumites especially those who have been here since alpha 1 (myself).

3. Yeah i never understood why their engine repaired messege pops up, but your own doesnt (been ages since i played however). We need crew for those sort of things anyways which i assume will arrive once the campaign is out.

4. Thats always a good thing, i never found the camera controls and button layouts to be much of a problem due to using blender and 3ds max alot (both known for their questionable camera controls).

5. Yeah, another highly requested feature something i've always wanted since the designer plays a major role in this games enjoyment (and is a key mechanic as well).

6. coop, maybe up to 4 players or something. But a big no to multiplayer, this game should remain a singleplayer game, if wanted badly with coop elements if need be, but that should be toggable regardless.

7. Yeah turrets have always bugged me how some nations don't get their own unique style for each gun caliber and also era reflecting better customization choices as well and maybe even certain quirks from those turret designs in-general.

8. Not sure about that since you are the admiral and not a captain of the ship/s themselves so it makes far more sense for the ships to fire and aim on their own, however formations should be allowed for players especially the ability to turn in succession (something badly needed) or slow down in order and turn in order to stop ships from having a fit. I guess they could add it in as a toggable option if need be.

9. Crews will be a thing once the campaign comes out (i assume anyways) at least it will eleviate the zombie ship and bow-tanking meta we have going on atm (secretly i want the latter to continue so i can have reverse functions and quad turrets so i can make fat shipfu and sit in-front of enemy ships and bounce all-day long 😊).

The devs atm, are currently sorting out their team and also their prioties to ensure they are doing work that is needed. And we will scream at them if they don't lol.

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