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Pirate Tries to Save Enemy's Ship by Ramming Fellow Pirate

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The pirate player Demon Lord Morty joined the battle shown in the screenshot above, in which [LG] Vedon (Russia) attacked [R4VEN] Headgerald (Pirates), each with 3 fleet ships with no cannons equipped. Headgerald and Vedon did not try to fight each-other after Demon Lord Morty joined, and instead Headgerald tried to protect the Russian ships by running into Morty. 


Seen in the screenshot above, Headgerald unsuccessfully tries to prevent Vedon's Diana from being boarded. After this, Headgerald again rams Demon Lord Morty and tries to push him into the shore, as seen in the video clip below. I would guess this is a case of attempted alt farming, though the actual farming didn't take place since Demon Lord Morty interrupted them. 


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