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Hi, new player here, looking for a clan/nation to join.

I played PotBS for several years, and i've been looking for something to scratch that itch ever since. I'd appreciate any advice on selecting a nation / clan.

I'm looking for:

  • Active during my timezone - EST
  • Active in PvP and willing to help me learn the ropes 
  • Some help getting on my feet so I can spend more time on the PvP
  • A nation other than Russia, I'm not keen on the idea of being part of the zerg
  • Reasonably large player base to interact with, bonus points if other new players to sail with
  • Active in RvR (this is a bit further down the road for me probably)

I've been trying to decide between Sweden, Denmark, France, or Pirates, based on what little I could glean from this forum, and the conquest map among other things (watching the combat log in game and looking up information on the players that pop up to get an idea of general PvP activity).

Anyway, like I said, suggestions on a Nation are welcome, and Clans within that nation would also be helpful, thanks in advance!



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Hi, sorry for late response most people only check if it is in the Caribbean guild section since here there can be PvE players too

VANGD in France is an active and growing english speaking community, we do PvP and RvR. Currently we have a lot of people levelling too so there is people to level up with.

if you are interested in joining add me on discord: Stalin#3122

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Bork in Sweden is happy to accept any new players. Some would say Sweden is a zerg nation, but Bork is more casual and does a bit of everything. We can set you up with whatever you need and help you get the hang of things. If you're interested just send me a PM.

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