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Server is down 01.08.2020

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I got kicked from the game and I'm unable to log back in. Same for 11 other players spread out around Europe and Russia.

We where in the middle of a PB vs AI and it was as good as won.. 😕 

We are back ingame now but we are all in OW now. We got kicked out of the PB while we waited.. 

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Same here.  Was fighting an enemy fleet in a LO/WO Vic with various upgrades and was kicked out.  Finally got back in 10 minutes later and of course the ship is gone.  Would like compensation - F11 report sent (and crash report and connection reports during the outage sent as well).

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We were on Privateer Fleets, at this moment there was a bug and all the players had a Disconnect.
Please return ships to those who lost them, as well as the wooden chests we had on Board (we managed to make several privateer fleets before this disconnect).4BE40ED69DE604C14965673DCD04A97FB4B969D9 (1920×1080)



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Вчера из-за проблем с подключением к серверу был выкинут из игры непосредственно во время боя. в тот момент большая часть соклановцев также были выкинуты и потеряли возможность присоедениться к игре. Сегодня, когда залогинился обнаружил, что корабль потерян. 


Сам момент дисконекта очень хорошо виден на стриме: 

Постройка: Тик/Вайт оак  (синяя 4 дырки)
Абгрейды: Нави планкинг, нави карпентеры, бритиш ганери сержант и гауката сепериор.

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