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Havent received trincomalee yet.

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Title say it all. I've been a part of this game since the Sea Trials which predate the open world the game now has as a stable feature. However with the announcement of the removal of the Trincomalee DLC (a ship that used to be part of the base game and I even had one prior to a server wipe), I went to double check if the ship was indeed added to my account and it has not been.


So I'd like to ask if someone at support could please add the ship DLC to my account as the steam announcement states should have happened.

Steam announcement can be found here:


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30 minutes ago, Powderhorn said:

From 14 hours ago... it will be provided next week.


Thank you for the heads up. Not on here almost ever so I don't know what's been said and what hasn't been. Thank you for linking that. :)

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