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Well, i've been pretty busy with IRL and doing other project, but i managed to do a few extra things for the Von Der Tann class supercruiser!

Sorry for teh wait! Have work tommorrow, but ill focus on both ships this weekend. Stats below.

Von Der Tann Class Supercruiser. (Name changed from Hessen).

Displacement: Full load 38,500 tonnes

Length: 338 metres.

Beam: 38 metres.

Draft: 10.05-12.05 metres.

Propulsion: 12 x 28 Cylinder Vertical Diesel Engines, 6 Vertical Boilers, 3 Electric steam turbine sets. 228,000 SHP.

Speed: 37 knots 42.5mph (Can be pushed to 41 knots for a few hours) 47mph.

Range: 30,000 km or 18,641 miles. At 21 knots 24.1 mph.

Complement: 130 officers, 2452 men.

Armament: 3x3 (9 total) 350mm guns. Secondaries: 2x1 182mm, 10x2 (20 total) 158mm's, 8x2 (16 in total) 120mm's (DP-HAA), 7x1 (14 in total) 88mm flak version 3 (DP-HAA), 42mm quads Flak 16x4 (64 guns total, 4 guns per turret about 16 turrets in total) (DP-MAA), 18x2 22mm Flak autocannons (36 guns in total) (DP-LAA).

Armour: Belt: 305mm main section, 160mm for lighter sections. Deck: Armoured 100mm, Weather 42mm, Splinter deck 20mm. Barbettes: 360mm (Mains), 280mm (Heavier secondaries), 220mm (Lighter secondaries). Turrets: Main guns, 380mm front, 150mm top, 180mm sides, 150mm rear. Conning tower: 305mm, 150mm roof.

Aircraft Carried: 8 Heinkel/Arado, reconnaissance seaplanes (4 folded in storage).

Aviation Facilities: 3 enclosed hangers (could hold more smaller seaplanes planes if needed).


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I did a few moar things to her, ill be working on for a bit more today and do some more on that pre-dread as well, then work on me book.

hope you like the images, HDRI rendering is still pretty new to me atm.





Once she is uv mapped (oh dear lol.) ill make camos for her as well as the other ships too.

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ill have some updates on teh ships tommorrow and monday, currently trying to do a sketchfab challenge atm.

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4 minutes ago, 1MajorKoenig said:

Very nice! Love your work!

Cheers, ill probs have to move to blender at somepoint after my 3ds max license runs out. But yeah thanks 'w'/

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