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Weather's , new hull's and animations and more..

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I had the chance to play the game several times today and I will say that it is very nice and satisfies me , I have a few suggestions about the game and these are the things that other players probably want First of all, the ships we know from the world of warships should come to the French tree, I think they are quite aesthetic and beautiful bkz jean bart or alsace....:D During the few games I played, I realized that there was only stagnant air, maybe atlantic fleet was playing  there are all kinds of weather and we could choose it UAD may be nice to arrive also talking about the ships can be very nice if it comes in odin and scharnhorst ships of russia ... naval flags of countries should change in 1939, as in actual date the sinking animations of the ships should increase, such as turning around or an explosion and the ship breaking up and there really is a topic that I have been obsessed with and been constantly talking about, maybe someone is already angry now the range finders and propellers of the ships do not have animations in my opinion should be at least the range finders I also noticed a strangeness in the intake mechanics when the nose or the stern of the ship got water, neither the nose nor the back was sinking it just lies to the right or to the left, I think this should be corrected thank you if you take the time to read it, i know the game is in early access, i just want to gain something

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Ye, theres lots of little things that need doing. Having better weather effects, sound effects and also animations for rangefinders, radar, propellers and other things that need them would help with immersion, maybe even cable lines swining in the wind and/or when the ship starts turning would be cool as well.

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14 hours ago, IronKaputt said:

St. Elmo's fire.

And all kind of non-flying weather of course.

ahh yeaa Although  my favorite thing is early access, the optimization is very good but the weather is actually making the necessary shots it is more enjoyable when making ships with real armor bases :D 

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when I looked at other countries today, I realized that especially italy and france a cruiser hull

in Italy belongs to the German ship also included in the ship's main tower;

15 inch guns different that beautiful Likewise, there is such an
American main tower in France.
no weapon of his own I believe that they will
be fixed to the full version.
please do not look at my fault
I'm a little excited I was waiting for a long time,
your wife is hard to come across

I know it's already available in-game about the weather
but the effects I want to talk about are animations or something


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