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Using a alt to open a battle

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One French challenge me in a duel, first 1 Russian (im here bitch)join me after 1  min of battle, he join at  the edge of the circle at this moment I ask I’m to leave since it's a duel and 30 second later a French captain join the fight. 

And then I ask him to help me, but he finds some stupide excuse.

At the end of the battle, I lost and right away I came out to fight them back! And them he was waiting outside just going in and out

My guess, he is an alt of one French player they use it to close the BR on my side

Hopping that you will find the true about this story

Btw i reported the abuse of language




And this is a other sujet can you use a boat without gun to block a ennemy player


this pics show you the end when i was to far to sink the pando



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