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Reports Letters Awards POI results reappear in each stage


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I F11 but I just want to make sure you are aware that all the things I listed in the Title reappear every time when getting into harbor even when I delete them I play a battle get to harbor and they all come back and I have to look at them again and delete them, they even come back with results from previous battles info too and I then have to look at them again and delete them. If a stage has 3 battles when I always delete all the info stuff do another battle get to harbor all the new info stuff is there fine but last battle stuff is there again and if I do look at them all and delete them I do the 3rd battle and guess what all 3 battles info stuff show up and I have to look at all of them again and delete 3x of them so I would like to know has anybody had to do this and I am sure this was not the intent of the game. I know if we quit game then go back to continue game so the chapter might show some of the things but when I am playing the game and I do a battle I should only get info from that and what the chapter or stage would give me after a battle but all the stuff from previous battles reappear and I don't want to have to see them all again so I am just pointing this out?

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