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19 minutes ago, Hethwill said:

Ah ! 

That depends on what the LGV has.

Enemy ship might have Barricades :) and you won't know as it isn't a module.

Actually tried boarding USS with the same Aga and results were also different, i got near 70+ kills by salvo, it is really strange in mechanics to understnads as "base values" are not shown, that a point we could fix right ?

Is it possible that number of decks or the type of ships influence the accuracy of muskets then?


the idea to make a separate window fo boarding crew could be a good point isn't it ?


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On 7/24/2020 at 2:40 PM, Duc De Brabant said:

Is it possible that number of decks or the type of ships influence the accuracy of muskets then?

Deck heights difference does.

Say a 1 deck ship to a 2 decker will suffer penalties. So on and so forth.


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On 7/23/2020 at 2:59 PM, Duc De Brabant said:

Cornusiac.... French talleyrand in game....

looting PvP things in PvE server is useless, those 2 things have no values, no point of being in PvE ... if you like to loot lot of those things more than looting some intereseting guns / doubloons / notes .... my god

Still nothing "ruined". What about directing the attention of Monsieur le Duc to really important things?

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8 hours ago, Lieste said:

Musquets in the tops of a frigate will be much closer to the deck of a 1st rate, than the tops of a 1st rate to the deck of a frigate though... Just as a counterpoint...

However, the musquets in the tops of the frigate will be more vulnerable to fire from the tops of the first rate, and the same for exposed people on the upper deck, the quarter deck, f'castle and roundhouse from the decks of the other ship.

But it is useful to consider that there are exchanges where the Frigate gets an advantage too.

Yes sir, but in game "deck height" makes difference, guess compromises is the word. There's a Module in game called Improved Mast Tops, specifically for use of musketry.

I mean, musketry at sea at this time wasn't so different from bowmen during the transition of the late 16th century. Popinjay shooting remained and remains a specific drill born out of the need for use of shooting at sea. Specialised naval infantry could fight in land with regular performance, but land infantry would never get as good as purpose drilled naval men.

One could argue that maybe Marines should be better in game, at firepower muskets, but i'd say it is actually the "non marine" crew that is too good. Marines are okay.

One could argue "sniping" an admiral is a feat. I'd say is more a chance of luck and God know how many shot missed, but all that counts is the one that hits.


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This is really annoying!

If we knew this with my friend don't even try boarding in PVE! Now both of us lost Rank 3-4 ships!

I understand mine as 310 vs 410 crew is reasonable. However what we don't understand and take it as CHEATing!

My friend had 320-380 crew and went against a crew of 120. The NPC took his ship and went away. All NPC are only worth to shoot to loot? Why not possible boarding a La Gross Ventre with Agamemnon? Is this a joke?

You attack NPCs and first shoot 84 morale drop to 47, 2nd round under 20 morale. 4th round if you lucky ends on 1 morale! I wasn't so lucky straight to 0.

This is inapropriate and unethical. I understand you need the money and the more money devs, but this is gonna whip lash back on you.

The more people realising it's not worth to board as you can have 15000 crew, and still lose to 100 then it's really something ...

Just because of the moral system, I regularly lost 22 units while could kill only 7. You allowing all perks and bonuses to NPCs, but we can't have it as players. Where is the fair play in it?


Ps: please don't come with the shoot the crew down as the mortar will first shoot the hull apart and have less crew damage. I enjoyed shooting the mortar from my ship and 22 sails, 10 hull and 2 crew death caused by it. When you fully pushed out the mortar ammos from 32 guns...

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Mistyped and missed out PS message
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