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Suggestion on Torpedo not launching issues

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Not sure if it is ever suggested yet. If dev does not want to add button for manual torpedo launch, can Dev remove friendly ships from calculation for considering torpedo launches in aggressive mode? Alternatively add a new "panic" mode. Basically I would say we would need a mode where friendly fire is not considered, because it is part of the "plan" as in real world. Or at least, limit this calculation to say to only very short range in this mode (say 5Km or less).

Sometime you do want to bait fleet and that will have small fast ship in range (but actually will be out of range by the time torpedo near. Or when you tried tried to do inverted wedge formation with long range torpedoes,  where initially some of friendly ships which would be temporarily in path. Or in other case of bait, when we expect already that we will need to sacrifice a few ship. Where you charge into with other division then pull out before torp arrives.

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I would prefer for manual torping as well, currently when designing a torp heavy vessel it dumps multiple tubes at a single target in a narrow grouping wasting lots of the torps. Being able to manually launch a fan of torps can deny enemy of areas or even outright hit something and sink them if its a lucky hit.

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Also I think enemies torp launch already do not calculate their own friendlies. I have screenshot where there is knife fight in Prove your might scenario. There are torps launched at me which even was side by side (and even ramming) to the BB there and this screenshot showed how the torps from their cruisers  even actually will hit the BB (though the BB does not seems to be affected at all), the BB is actually trying to escape me after I rammed him, I was now a bit far as the control forced me out of ramming..... And this happened several time to me already.1330456066_ProofThatenemytorpedoactuallydidnotcalculatefrinedlies.thumb.png.6d1a53e2181626c0e750690e84f10242.png.

I also hate in ramming what ever command I instructed they tried to turn it out, this made me lose this battle.

And I never able to do launch torps in knife fight when en masse like this....

Do note that AI basically made right decision here, it is just very crippling that AI on my side can not make same decision.


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