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Long list of issues (Please read)

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he update was very robust But really the British are far behind on trunk a King George V , its body such that , its class has guns but no body :D , ı did not find the problem in the update but ı really want to give us suggestions , should come in scharnhorst class and its guns or deuschland class , to russian ships class maybe vladivostok or lenin... And ı know it will be a very annoying question but ı have to ask , a little crazy but if we had a continuation option we  won the game , if we left the match like that ıts enjoyable to watch the ship sink :DDD and the sinking animations of ship should increase capsizing ,split in two specially deadly ammo detenation and need animation the rangefinders , propallers and rudders maybe ı've said this to many times :( maybe ı'm tired you too but still ı love the things you do and your game :) GOOD LUCK

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Barbettes that can actually be placed anywhere instead of 2 or three randomly specific places. 

Target speed penalty should removed in favor or a penalty utilizing the rate of change in speed/bearing of the targeted ship. This will mean ships will have to be maneuvering to avoid fire, not sailin

Various design issues, ranging from slots (especially slots on the hood model, US Iowa model, japanese supercruiser model and some other models) being unable to be used creating weird gaps or design f

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I sincerely advised the UAD could be easily modding,I wonder if your team ever heard the Kerbal Space Program,a game which made in UNITY too,and very easy for modding,a game witch able to modding can significant increase the lifetime of it,I know that most files of UAD has encrypted,but could you protect your core codes but make the models and some files about gameplay able to be change or replace?Or create a external folder for save mods?

I believe there will be many lively contect maker to build a community which full of vigor!

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@SonicB started a thread which is both entertaining but with some serious points behind it, too.

Clown Car Thread (LOL)

I posted something in there, so thought I'd make the same points here.

I've often wondered at the accuracy penalties some of the AI monstrosities must have from smoke interference, pitch/roll and longitudinal weight imbalances.

Which got me thinking about the AI design parameters. As I've said so many times (yeah, I know I repeat myself), my own professional experience in process design has taught me it's just as vital to have a list of "must NOT" conditions as it is to have the "must" ones.

Some examples inspired by designs in that thread might include:

  • Must not place a barbette without a turret.
  • Must not place a funnel ahead of the main tower.
  • Must not place a main armament super-firing over a secondary mount.
  • Must not produce accuracy penalties greater than 'x' in any specific aspect OR greater than 'y' in total. I think this is something the devs might want to experiment with ASAP.
  • Must not place extra guns that grossly reduce the firing arcs of existing ones.

It's far more efficient to have a broadside of 10 secondary guns through 5 twin mounts with as good arcs of fire as possible rather than placing 10 twin mounts because they're so close together you need 2 mounts to cover the arc of fire a single one could achieve. I make a point of having as few mounts as possible necessary to achieve the firepower I want, and that means having each with the best arcs of fire to achieve that. Same applies for main guns, obviously. I say that because while it's obvious to us as players, it clearly ISN'T obvious to the AI as is.

  • Must provide armour sufficient to meet the requirements of an intended combat role in the campaign, where the durability ought to reflect the degree of financial and resource commitment building the ship represents.

I've noticed the AI tends to build glass cannons. Rather frustrating to face them in a scenario when you consider that they'd be utterly disastrous for the AI in a campaign if a better balanced design can defeat them despite their firepower (especially in light of the issue of gunnery penalties I've mentioned above). In which case I'd suggest there ought to be a minimum armour factor, too. Just as happened with BC v BB, it's fine to have a more lightly armoured version of something with greater speed provided it's at least armoured against likely CA firepower AND the AI has the brains to run away from "proper" BBs that are going to punch holes wherever it hits and from any range. Right now the AI doesn't, although of course in part that's because of the restricted scenario or random battle world we live in.


To summarise, I'd suggest at some point some greater constraints ought to be put on the AI's designs. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's a good idea. Ships armed to the teeth with next to no armour are possible but not a great plan if they're the ONLY things you build, for example. Same goes with considerations of the various gunnery penalties you can stack up.

I'm sure it's something that's being worked on in the background, so my purpose is simply to throw in some thoughts that I think might be useful for "campaign AI" in particular. The game will be pretty pointless if the AI keeps making ships that "don't work" if it's also limited to the same budgets and other constraints as we are, and we know Nick has said he doesn't design AI with "cheats" such as we see all the time in the Total War franchise for example.

Anyone got other rules to add? I don't pretend this to be an exhaustive list by any means, more illustrations of a general principle with some amusing and/or serious examples.


Edited by Steeltrap
Emphasised purpose, Made clear statement about being sure Nick and co are working on AI ship design constantly.
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