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Player Cardinall: Green-on-green intentional friendly damage

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I present to you evidence of intentional green-on-green damage by the Russian player Cardinall in a battle that happened on July 14th.


He was in battle with players Willem van Hamsterdam and Sinterklaas from REDS in an engagement against what looks to be an Elite AI and proceeded to shoot several broadsides green-on-green against said REDS-players.

Here is the battle tab-screen:


Here are some screenshots that show him firing green-on-green in the battle, on point blank range and nowhere near the direction of the enemy AI in the battle:






Now, nobody was sunk from this and we are not demanding some harsh reaction in this case. But the screenshots show clearly, by gunsmoke and muzzle flash, that the player committed intentional green-on-green in clear violation of the rules. This can no doubt be collaborated by server records from the battle. Unfortunately I am not aware of any F11-report from the battle, but you can find the time and participants from the screenshots.

I therefore record his name here in the tribunal in case the player should be accused of similar violations in the future. I would also suggest the player be given a mild warning and his steam-ID recorded as is precedent. 

Note that the player is not anymore a member of the BFII-clan and has been kicked from that clan.

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