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Line of battle reassignment orders

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Here's something that has been mildly annoying me at times and which I think can be easily improved. Say you have a line of battle and you move a ship out of it. All the ships behind it keep following the lead ship in the line. But what if you want to remove the lead ship? You then have to reassign every other ship to the one behind it. What if assigning a ship to another ship or another direction made all the ones behind it follow that ship instead of the first one? If you want to remove it from the line, you could then easily select the ship behind it and click on the ship in front of it. That's one click instead of however many it takes to remake a line once the lead ship has to leave it.

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Interesting. The thing I don't like is say all the ships are in a fight of their own so I click onto a ship that I want it to board a ship and what happens all my ships connect up to it so I can't give the ship I selected to board because they are in a line connected also meaning all my ships are now turning out of what I originally wanted them to do so I have to go down to the scroll bar and x out the line of connected ships just so I can go back to my ship and give it the order to board and also have to give each ship the original orders. What ever allows that to happen I wish it could be changed to say we have to hold down a certain key on the keyboard for that kind of thing to happen to connect ships. When we are in the heat of a battle we don't need ships always trying to connect to each other and by that happening a lot it throws our plans away.

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I think there is an easy way to simplify reassignments. Each ship should follow the one ahead of it. That way if you want to move one ship out of the line you just have to select the next one and right click to the one ahead of the ship that went out of the line. In case you want the first one to be out of the line you just select the second one and draw a new path for the remaining line. 

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