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Prisoners when selling them they rip me off each time

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With the recent update when the British send me a letter so I can sell the prisoners that are in my harbor each time they only buy a small percentage of the amount that I have for example 176 of 459 or 440 out of 915 so you can see that they don't buy them all but they all disappear at once when I agree to sell what they are asking for.  Bottom line I am getting ripped off each time I sell. Do you think this is a glitch or bug or is this intended to clean out the prisoners from the harbor?

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Again I had 500 prisoners in the harbor I go to next battle fight it for awhile had to quit for I had company over so when I got to the harbor the prisoners that was 500 is gone. Can you inform us that you made a change in the game or not that takes them away from us?

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17 hours ago, Seleukos of Olympia said:

I don't think I've been able to do anything with my prisoners ever since the French Revolution, and it's now 1811. I don't know whether that's intentional or not, but they keep accumulating and costing me money to feed.

Yeah I agree with you and I always wish a DEV would give us some type of answer.  I now have 1811 prisoners and if I start a battle but for any reason to restart the battle or go back to the harbor the 1811 prisoners vanish. Like you said we also have to pay a maintenance cost too so please fix it so each time we go to harbor let us sell them without you stealing them from us. I guess if I don't want to pay that cost just load battle quit it and they vanish but in almost every battle you will get some and if the game is not giving us a chance to sell them then that is not the way it should work.

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After Copenhagen, I now have over 8000 prisoners, costing me over 8000 per turn. I'm already at -48k per turn and have to survive on mission rewards. If they could just vanish, that would be a good thing, financially!

I'd sell some Ardent-class ships to remedy my monetary shortfall, but I have no way of knowing how many I'll need in the future.

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1 hour ago, sterner said:

If you have disappearing captures, then please send report. We will investigate the issue.

Thank you, but I do send a report, and it still happens and if you are not careful or should I say if you don't notice the prisoners that vanished and start that battle and finish it then you lose them forever but the main problem is after Valcour there seems to be no selling of any prisoners and I am up to actually 1814, of them and all through Man O War too no selling of them either. I think does (Seleukos) enjoy spending 8K in maintenance cost or I with 1814 cost? No, so is there a way for you to make the selling of prisoners more often like during a turn?

Like I said earlier, if you don't want the prisoners it's either a glitch or bug but when you are in battle and for any reason you want to restart that battle which means you quit it and you get to the menu where you can restart it or go back to harbor and either choice you make the prisoners vanish. My example is this, I had prisoners in my harbor that the game does not let me sell them so I start a battle and find out there is several 3rd rates in battle so I quit it and go back to harbor to make a fire ship to help me out but I find that my prisoners are gone and the only way to get them back is to load a save that was before when I went into that battle. The nice feature the DEV added to the game is giving us a before battle and and after battle victory save which is a nice thing and helps out.

Now in my example, if you don't want them well I know that glitch works and they will be gone. I done what I had to do to keep them but if you are up to 8k that is a steep cost and I think no one should have that cost for many turns the game needs to allow us to sell them just like we do with trophy's. Think about it, when we are after a battle and we have trophy's we need to do something with them right away for if we run a turn we pay a cost for them so I sell them or buy one right away so why can't we do that with prisoners too? That way we don't have to pay a maintenance cost forever if the game don't let us sell them.

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