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Reporting a few bugs.

The Fox Ranger

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I'm still having trouble with my antivirus blocking the in game bug reports so I wanted to post some bugs here.

1. During land battles there is a sound bug. Sounds of battle, marching, and even orders like "double quick" play in areas where there are no longer units. This goes for USA and British battles.

2. Don't know if its a bug but ship I capture and add to my fleet in harbor loose there guns. They use to retain there guns. I have only played USA since this started.

3. I've noticed that in some sea battles a ship that has lost a mast will show no sails on remaining mast when looked at from a distance even when in full sail. Center on the ship and the sails show. USA only for this one so far.

This is all I got for now. I have the latest build as of 7/12/2020. I'll add more here as I encounter them. If there is a more proper place on here to report bugs please let me know. 

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