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1 hour ago, Seleukos of Olympia said:

I noticed today that when you keep a prize ship you no longer get to keep its cannons. Is this working as intended or a bug?

If that‘s no bug I dislike it wholeheartedly!

Why should the admiralty grant you a warship without weapons?

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If, that is true, I second the dislike. I mean, if I, capture a ship, that has guns, then that trophy should have those guns. I don't mind ships that you buy from the shop don't have guns for that is the way it has always been in this game however suddenly taking away the guns on a captured ship, why? We captured the whole ship, and have to pay a high price on REP to get it, also there maybe a high price to repair that said ship as well as a maintenance cost too so why take that little benefit away from us?

P.S. Update, Yeah, I finally bought a trophy and yes what a cheap trick it is to take the guns off the captured ship. There is no way you can convince me that a ship in the shop is equal to a captured ship (Trophy)? If they want to treat it as if they are equal then use the same reasoning of when we capture a land cannon unit, infantry unit or a supply wagon we get a percentage of them such as rifles, cannon guns, prisoners, and in the case of a supply wagon we get the money worth so to me them taking away the guns from the trophy's when we could have them since early backer access of day one when the game came out and now they take them away seems like a bad idea.

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Posted (edited)

It does look like you keep the guns of trophies you send to the admiralty. I don't remember whether that was the case before.

Edit: Those were probably the guns of the trophy I kept, unless something has already changed from yesterday. I may have gotten confused because I kept one and sent off the other.

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20 minutes ago, Seleukos of Olympia said:

It does look like you keep the guns of trophies you send to the admiralty. I don't remember whether that was the case before.

I‘d rather have it as before (get the ship with the cannons or give ship and cannons away)!

What use is it to get cannons for a fith rate for example, if you need some for the lower battery of a third rate Bellona class!?

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3 minutes ago, sterner said:

We will return the previous logic. The trophy will be equipped with cannons instead of new logic when cannons are transferred automatically to the admiralty.

I just tested it and what I just noticed is if you send a captured ship to admiralty and gain REP, no cannons go into shop or armory which has been always the case but if you buy a captured ship with REP, I did, see it's guns went into my armory which then I could apply them to the ship that they came off of which makes it an extra task for me to do so if you are going to switch it back, great.

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