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Late game ship variety


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      I just want to start off by saying I'm a big fan of this game and while I haven't played in alittle while as I wait for more updates to drop, I've really enjoyed the campaigns as they are.


      One thing I feel is missing from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars part of the British campaign however, is the presence of ships such as the Temeraire class and a more accurate representation of the Barfluer class ship of the line. Naval Action already has several great models which can be used, such as:

Redoutable: for the generic temeraire class to give the french fleets we face an accurate fleet line up. 

Implacable: which could represent the large variant of British 74s which carried 24s on the upper gundeck or to give examples of british copies of the several Temeraires they captured

Admiraal De Ruyter: to give the Dutch fleet a unique look as well for the Battle of Camperdown 

And finally replace the Bucentuare model for the Christian for a closer representation of Barfluer and create the Bucentuare class to represent the Tonnant and Bucentuare classes which fought at the Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar 



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I've played up to Camperdown so far, and in the past few battles I've faced nothing but Ardent-class third rates - often in large battles with ten or twenty of them on the opposing side. Is that intentional or a placeholder for more varied enemy fleets? Even without adding new classes like the OP suggested, couldn't there be more of the existing classes used, like the Bellona?

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On 7/19/2020 at 7:37 PM, sterner said:


It is bug and it is fixed. Patch will be released soon in beta branch.

Got me the actual beta version and tried Grand Hiver again:

Still the enemy turns up with Ardent instead of Belloa class SOL (medium difficulty, my fleet: 2x Bellona, 1x Ardent, 1x Leda, 1x Endymion, 1x l‘Hermion, 1x Cutter).

Is this intended?


@sterner Tried again after yesterday’s patch (28th of Juli) - there are still just Ardent class SOLs in Grand Hiver.

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