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Is there a way to start a quick land battle?


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I have tried the custom battles a number of times but frankly it still baffles me. I would love to try the battle of Bunker Hill from the British perspective but .............

Any ideas on how to launch a relatively quick battle with that or any premade map?

Somehow no matter how careful with points and such I can never seem to get the custom battle option to launch.

Do I need a commander for every battalion I create?

Do I have to include a ship?

If I don't pick up the right guns , do they fight with sticks?

Can I modify an existing scenario? 

BTW, can you do multiple waypoints? (like shift-click) Those supply wagons just love to wander out into the woods when there is a perfectly good road available.

I find that Dragging the mouse down (pulling that blue line) a long wiggly road is neat, but really tough on the old carpal tunnel

Love the rotatable map view. I wish Civil War did the same

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