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What influences crafted ship quality?

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Hello, just a simple question. What influences ship quality?

Rumor is that crafting skill and shipyard level increases chances for a better quality, but it’s hard to get real data as all shipbuilders in the end will have maxed out both.

I think everyone would appreciate a clear answer. Thanks!

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Baseline is Blue quality.

Then roll a die.

Nothing else matters.

Low level myself, first Navy Brig I build comes out Gold.

Die rolling high.

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2 hours ago, Lt Sekiro said:

From what i see , you have more chance to drope better ship for lower rate ship

More hard for 1st rate

That is prob cus you dont spam 100 1st rates??? But i know that if you craft a purple or golden ship, and you spam build others right after you get the same bonus, as in those will also be purple or golden... 

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