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The Gunboat War: A Naval Action Event

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Ever since release I've been entertaining the idea of a large scale battle involving only gunboats.
The theory being that a battle of 25 vs 25 gunboats would be the cause of significant hilarity and an interesting display. 50 gunboats going at each other would be a sight to behold.
However the planned introduction of a karma-mechanic could put any ability to arrange such an event in jeopardy in the future, thus I have decided to try to put this idea into the world sooner rather than later.

So how to do this?
First I want to see if there is enough interest in this proposition. So leave a comment here or let me know if you’d like to show up for such an event. I’ve already broached this subject, with generally positive feedback, with some British captains, but I think that to truly make this the magnificent encounter it could be, we will need captains from all nations to join.
A battle would be started between two nations and then captains from other nations jump in on each side till they are filled.
To make this somewhat manageable at least a core of captains should be on Teamspeak or Discord together to make sure everything is orderly to begin with. After we hit go in the battle though, all bets are off as far as order goes. For communication before and during the event we can use the REDS Teamspeak, which I manage: fleet.red
I’ve been contemplating making it a free-for-all event where we all agree to ignore green/red and everybody fires on everybody. But for now, let’s make it two teams fighting each other, and if it’s a success we can try it the other way next time.

How do we find ships?
By now every clan and player on the server should be sitting on a stockpile of Gunboat Notes, but if somebody doesn’t and they still want to join, I know that at least my REDS-clan has collected hundreds of Gunboat Notes since release, so getting hold of a ship should not be an issue.

When do we do this?
Monday 6th of July.
Let’s say approximately 20.00 server time, but I can be convinced to change the time.
I wanted to do this on a date with some significance, and July 6th is the date in 1812 of the Battle of Lyngør which is considered to mark the end of what is called the «Gunboat War» or «Kanonbåtkrigen» between Denmark-Norway and Great Britain. A war that got its name from the cheap and easy to construct and man gunboats that the Danish-Norwegian Navy used to protect its coastline after the destruction of the Danish fleet of Warships in the Second Battle of Copenhagen.

Where to do this?
July 6th also happens to be a day that will have Nassau Shallow Patrol Zone. So I’d say we do the battle in the Patrol Zone. We all meet at Shroud Cay and then go to find a suitable spot near the edge of the zone where the battle can be initiated.


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I should be there in the right dressing code. although, I'm not fan of the gun bugs:

  • Strange sailing behavior, even for a drunk skipper.
  • Inability to repair guns when destroyed.

But for once, you create a 7th rate event: Thanks for that!

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