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performace drop caused by fire

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Just bought the game and noticed fires causes the performance to drop a lot, to the extent of game breaking.

The attached screenshot shows three scenarios:

1. ship engulfed in flames, zoomed in, fps drops to a unplayable 9-10 fps.

2. same ship in flames, viewed at minimum zoom, fps returns to 60. 

3. same ship, fire nearly extinguished, zoomed in, 60fps.

all the screenshots are taken when playing with "good" graphic settings.

Given my system specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H @2.60GHz, running at ~4.05GHz when playing the game

RAM: 16GB 

Graphics card: Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB

This doesn't feel right that some fires can cause such massive fps drop.

I understand that performance is not on the priority list right now and the devs intend to improve performance after the campaign update. However I don't think performance can be completely overlooked right now, especially when the game is going for a steam launch in august while the campaign is scheduled to take 5-6 months to implement.




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Admiral, thank you very much for the detailed report, the issue will be addressed by the dev team accordingly to priority list.

Such detailed reports are always welcome as it helps a lot to find out the problem pretty fast

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